Spring 2024

Welcome to the student computational seminar! This semester, we will have regular meetings from 4:10 to 5:30 p.m. every Friday at MW 154. Please check the schedule for the semester below.



Date Speaker           Title
01/26 Qihao Ye (UCSD) A Model-Based Approach for Continuous-Time Policy Evaluation with Unknown Lévy Process Dynamics
02/08 Haroun Meghaichi (VT) A High Order Geometry Conforming Immersed Finite Element for Elliptic Interface Problems
02/22 Yuan Chen (OSU) Data-Driven Modeling of Stochastic Systems with Normalizing Flows
03/08 Hongli Zhao (Uchicago) Reduced-order methods for estimating rare event probabilities in stochastic systems
03/22 Qingguo Hong (Missouri S&T) On the Activation Function Dependence of the Spectral Bias of Neural Networks
03/29 Liyao Lyu (MSU) Machine Learning-based Coarse-Grained models for molecular systems
04/05  Ziyao Xu (UND) Discrete fracture models for fluid flow in fracture porous media
04/12  Deep Ray Learning WENO for entropy stable schemes to solve conservation laws

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