Residence Hall Family

Norton fam

By: Kayla Walls, Agriscience Education | Mendon, OH

Coming to The Ohio State University in Columbus is daunting for anyone—nonetheless being a freshman from small town Ohio. City life was a huge change for me but luckily, I live a building full of kids just like me. Being in the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences Learning Community located in Norton House is such a blessing. You will often walk down the hallway to see open doors and friendly faces to greet you. Not only that, but someone is always up to do things with you—be it playing volleyball, grabbing something to eat, watching the Bengals, or going to Zumba.

With that being said, my favorite part of being a Buckeye is meeting new people and creating new friendships. With a graduating high school class of only ninety-three, everybody knew everybody. It is so nice to come to a new place with a fresh start. I know that the friendships I have made from living in Norton House these past few weeks will last more than the next four years of our college careers, but a lifetime. These friends made Norton my home away from home, and for that I am forever thankful.

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