Spreading the Love for Ohio State, One Student at a Time

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By: Molly Roup, Agricultural Engineering | Medina, OH

Perhaps one of the most daunting decisions one faces as a young adult is which college to attend, and yet it’s a decision I was able to make with ease. After moving to the Buckeye State in 2006, I quickly found myself caught up in the hype. So when it came time for me to decide what college I should attend, I was thrilled when I was accepted into Ohio State, and whole-heartedly accepted with only one fear in mind: with as many opportunities as Ohio State has to offer, how will I know which one is for me? That answer came to me through my choice of major and the chance to be on the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Ambassador Team, and what that chance has come to mean to me has made my experience within this College invaluable.

Before discovering my major within CFAES at Ohio State, I had had serious doubts about what careers and passions I should pursue. Without CFAES, I would have never known that Agricultural Engineering was a major, let alone that it would be the perfect major for me. It is a major that has allowed me to apply my problem solving skills to something I care about, working with the technologies behind sustainable food production, and through it I have found my own career path and made life-long friends. It is getting to share these experiences within prospective students as a CFAES Ambassador that has also allowed me to find my place at Ohio State. As someone who has been in these students’ place, trying to figure out which part of Ohio State will truly become their home, I have absolutely loved getting the chance to show them everything that the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences has to offer. Whether it’s the academics, student organizations, or just a home away from home, this College is unlike any other, and has truly enhanced my years as a Buckeye.

With that said, I hope anyone reading this can take some time to reflect on why you love being or Buckeye, or why you might want to be a Buckeye someday. It’s become so nice to be able to call Columbus home, and even more so the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.


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