More Than Just Playing in Dirt

10357589_717277358359752_3463484896473722127_nBy: Jessica Stacy, Sustainable Plant Systems: Agronomy | Castalia OH

As a student at The Ohio State University, many opportunities are thrust upon me, leaving it up to me to take advantage of them. I come from a small town in Northern Ohio, making the transition to a large university rather difficult. When I moved down, I took advantage of a small opportunity available to many Ohio State students, to join a club. With a plethora of organizations to choose from, I found opportunity with the Crops and Soils Club.

I quickly became involved in the Crops and Soils Club on the CFAES campus. Crops and Soils Club is a club specializing in students studying Agronomy. After attending the first meeting, I learned of an opportunity to attend a conference in Tampa, Florida for students in the agronomy major. This conference is called the SASES (Students of Agronomy, Soils, and Environmental Sciences) Conference, and it is held in a different location every year. Having never been out of the state before, I quickly jumped on this chance to make friends and to break out of my shell.

After expressing interest in this trip, I was selected with 5 others to be a representative of The Ohio State University at the SASES Conference. At the conference, I would compete in a quiz bowl against other collegiate agronomy clubs. Upon my return to OSU, we had a bi-weekly Crops and Soils Club meeting. At this meeting we were holding nominations for a new officer team. After speaking about my experiences, I was elected to be the club secretary.

Finding the Crops and Soils Club was a blessing, because I have taken advantage of the many opportunities the club offers. I was very fortunate to be able to attend the trip to Tampa with my fellow Ohio State students. I have formed friendships that will not soon be broken and have gained experiences that will not soon be forgotten.


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