From Amish Town to the Big City

AbbeypictureBy: Abbey VanTyne, Agriscience Education & Animal Sciences | Waterville, OH

Hello, I am Abbey VanTyne and I am a transition student from Ohio State’s Wooster Campus, the Agricultural Technical Institute. My experience in being a transitioning student has been, let’s say , very interesting thus far. For those of you that don’t know, ATI is a very rural area where you will definitely see an amish buggy more than once in your visit. I have been in Columbus for about two weeks now and have already had several “city experiences” that would never be experienced in Wooster. For example, while walking to the Kroger on High Street, I actually had to WAIT for a crosswalk signal to go off so that I could cross the street. In Wooster (or any other rural areas for that matter), there aren’t even any buttons to push when you want to cross the street, you just go whenever you want! Another thing that has happened to me since transitioning is receiving a parking ticket. In Wooster, we could drive to the Shreve Swamps and park our cars wherever we wanted! Apparently the city is super strict on where you park your car, whether you saw the designated parking signs or not. Luckily, it was only a $45 ticket and nothing too outrageous! These are the only city run-ins that I have had since moving to Columbus. Overall, the transition really isn’t too difficult. Is Columbus completely different from Wooster? Yes. But is the transition unbearable? Absolutely not. I have met so many new people already and can’t wait to meet even more with the start of the semester. Bring it on, Columbus!

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