Weekly Recap #4

Monday 05/31/2021

Memorial Day, had the day off!


Tuesday 06/1/2021

I am starting at Plain City for the week, and I will be staying here the rest of the week. Today I just typed up work orders called on bills and closed some work orders. I did have a meeting to talk about help with the Kubota extended warranty project, I think the project will be interesting and give me another experience to put in my toolbox.  I had a pretty good day today!


Wednesday 06/2/2021

Plain City again and just another day of typing up work orders and closing tickets! I did get to lunch with Katlin and Billy today and it was lots of fun. I feel like I have made good friends through this internship and that makes me want to keep coming back!


Thursday 06/3/2021

Another day at Plain City! I worked on word orders an closed tickets, noting really too exciting!

Friday 06/4/2021

Another day at Plain City! Today I did meet with Carly and Mackenzie along with Sam! We went over our project for the summer where we are working on selling Kubota extended warranty program. Other than that meeting I just helped Luke out and I closed tickets!

Weekly Recap #3

Monday 05/24/2021

Today I went to the Eaton location and while I was there I didn’t really do anything that exciting other than work on and order work orders.


Tuesday 05/25/2021

I traveled to Georgetown today and worked with Brian on work orders. I learned how to set up the amount for delivery and pick-up prices. I didn’t really do anything crazy, but I did meet with the first year interns and help them out on their marketing plans. They had a lot of good questions and I hope I had good answers. Other than that, I headed home at 5 o’clock.


Wednesday 05/26/2021

Today I am at Plain city! I think I have done pretty good today and honestly, I am kind of proud of myself! I helped close a lot of tickets and getting out money up here in the service department. Other than calling an dclosing tickets I just type dup new work orders. I went home at 5 o’clock!


Thursday 05/27/2021

Another day at Plain City! I basically did the same thing I did on Wednesday, except I narrowed down all the people I left messages with and got back to them! I went home at 5 o’ clock!

Friday 05/28/2021

I got to watch the first-year interns marketing presentations today, and they did SSOO WELLL! I am very proud of them especially on their aged inventory marketing plan, I talked with them earlier that week and I felt that it would be a difficult project, but they can do it! I ended my day making an intern tiktok and went home. Had a great day at Admin!

Weekly Recap #2


Monday 05/17/2021

I have started my day at the Wilmington store with Natalie! While at the store I worked back in the service department. Natalie has taught me how to open a new ticket along with showing me things I can do when typing up work orders.


Tuesday 05/18/2021

Today I traveled to the new Plain City, OH locations and WOW is that store BIG! I meet Natalie at the store so I could have someone introduce me to everyone at the store. While at the store I set up my station in Lukes office. I worked on service writing and Natalie walked me through some of the stuff I was still confused on. I was able to close some tickets on my own and although that made me feel accomplished, I am still a little nervous about messing something up. I have answered the phones and helped customers with questions about their machines (the best I can). After completing all the outgoing work orders that needed put in the system, it was time for TikTok! I made a TikTok about the size of the shop here at Plain City and I even got Billy to star it the video! I attached the video below.

Wednesday 05/19/2021

Another day at Plain City, really most of the day I worked getting in work orders. I helped answer the phone and just put in work orders! I felt I got a lot of practice and I am feling more comfortable with the process!


Thursday 05/20/2021

Today is my last day at Plain city for the week! I still just worked on work orders and did warranties and got some practice in on those! I think I am getting better at them the more I do them.

Friday 05/21/2021

Today was spent at admin getting to meet all the first-year interns and re-living the glory days. Austin and I watched the parts presentation and after that we ate some AWESOME lunch. I really loved just getting to talk with everyone and really get to know them!

Weekly Recap #1


Tuesday 05/11/2021

Today was the start for a new beginning at the same great company! Last year I had an amazing summer, and I left feeling I found a place I would like to spend the rest of my working career at. I have come back for a second round, because why would I want to be anywhere else? I drove the Crawfordsville location in about two hours and eight minutes which equaled to about 258 miles. During the day at Crawfordsville, I got to reconnect with familiar faces and also meet some new ones! I sat in a new employee meeting and we just covered history of the company and then discussed what Austin and I’s internships entail. I am the service and technical support intern, so basically I help service write, work on warranty info and the best part I get to create video to be used on our social media. For lunch we ate at the Breakfast Co. and I don’t know what it is about that place, but it just hits different! I love eating there every time I think of Crawfordsville, the taste of Breakfast Co. food is my first thought! I am really looking forward to the summer and I can’t wait to get out there and be in the field!


Wednesday 05/12/2021

Just a short drive of two hours and 14 minutes lead me to the Georgetown store. I talked to my dad last night and he told me that on the interstate close to Jungle Jims is normally jammed with traffic and he said I should probably leave early, so what time did I leave this morning, 4:00 AM! As I was making my drive here, I thought to myself, “there is not a lot of traffic here, did I beat it or am I just wayyyyy to early?” Well, when I arrived at the store about 6:30 AM I realized that leaving at four o’clock was a bad idea! For the next hour in a half, I just sat in my car watching TikTok’s to gain inspiration for my meeting with Brian. After the my “quick” wait for people to get to the store, Doc arrived and let me in. Once I spoke to Adam who is new since last summer, I went to the service department to set up shop. At this time, I got reintroduced to the techs from last summer and a new tech, Jason. Brian and I went into his office and started right in on video ideas. We decided on a “Full House” theme introducing all the service techs! I wrote down my plan and as I was doing that, Scott the representative from, MUD HOOG came into Brian’s office and was talking about coming to the combine clinic and shooting a video. Well, I weaseled my way into the conversation and introduced myself to Scott. While talking to Scott I planned a video for the combine clinic that will be used to show the relationship between Bane-Welker and Mud Hoog. I pitched my idea to Nettie and got somethings lined up for that video. After lunch I got stated on filming my first TikTok, I will paste the video at the end. After my movie production I worked on service writing.

Thursday 05/13/2021

I was out today to be with my mom while she was in the hospital.

Friday 05/14/2021

TGIF!! On this lovely Friday I came to the Eaton store and helped Marvin out on work orders. After writing a bunch of work orders I tackled my To-Do List for the day. First thing was my TikTok Contest paperwork, then my milage log, next did my goals and accomplishment list, and wrote on this here recap! After all that quick work I worked on some more work orders until it was time to leave!