Welcome to the Stover Lab!

Our research focus is clinical computational oncology – the application of computational approaches to leverage the immense available and potential data from tumor genomic profiling to improve outcomes for patients with cancer.

The explosion of tumor genomic data rapidly advanced our understanding of cancer but requires new approaches to answer clinical questions. Specifically, we study resistance to therapy in breast and other cancers by integrating genomic data with patient features and outcomes. By studying patient samples, including on clinical trials, we seek to identify new mechanisms of drug resistance to standard agents as well as investigational agents such as immunotherapy.

The ultimate goal of this work is to identify predictive markers for treatment response while identifying novel susceptibilities that allow us to overcome drug resistance.

Join us in our effort to take terabytes of data and thousands of lines of code back to our true focus – patients with cancer.

Mission: To improve outcomes of patients with cancer by:
— Generating new insights into the biology and therapeutic response of cancer by integrating genomic and biological data with patient characteristics, exposures, and outcomes
—Advancing genomic approaches from discovery to development to clinical application
—Encouraging partnerships, collaboration, and the personal, professional, and academic growth of all team members.

Vision: Our vision is a world in which all cancers are treatable and curable.


August, 2018: The Stover Lab turns 1! Read about the highs and lows of the first year on Twitter

June, 2018: Summer is here – and so are summer research internships. Welcome to OSU medical student Jasneet Singh and Vanderbilt undergraduate Will Nock. Looking forward to a great summer.

June, 2018: Dr. Stover comments on Circulating Free DNA Atlas in “New Blood Test May Detect Multiple Types of Cancer at Earlier Stages” on HealthLine

May, 2018: Welcome to our newest lab members – Sarah Asad (Research Data Analyst) and Elizabeth Adams (Clinical Research Assistant). Excited to have you!

May, 2018: Dr. Stover is Ohio State’s ‘Cancer Physician of the Month’

April, 2018: Dr. Stover leads off an article in Nature Jobs about why “Collaboration is the Key to Cancer Research.”

March, 2018: Nice overview of our work on cell-free DNA in triple negative breast cancer in The Pathologist

February, 2018: Dr. Stover comments on ‘The Future of Treatment for Metastatic Breast Cancer’ in USNews Health

January, 2018: Commentary on the recent multi-analyte liquid biopsy screening test, CancerSEEK, in Medscape Oncology News, including thoughts from Dr. Stover.

January, 2018: Some recent press on our triple-negative cell-free DNA study published Jan, 2018 in Journal of Clinical Oncology:
Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

November, 2017: Our collaborative work demonstrating high concordance of cell-free DNA with metastatic biopsies, in partnership with the Broad Institute and Dana-Farber, highlighted in Science Daily

October, 2017: Welcome to our first two lab members, Biostatistics Masters student Adrienne Damicis and undergraduate Ruby Zhang! Excited to have you on board to tackle breast cancer together.