Global Awareness: I plan to travel to Spain over my spring break with the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences on an Equine Studies. trip. I also would like to travel to South Africa before I graduate.

Original Inquiry: I plan to participate in an undergraduate research project between my sophomore and Junior year.

Academic Enrichment:I am an Animal Sciences major and plan to attend Vet school after graduation. Vet school is a very competitive field and will require an extremely high GPA along with difficult science classes and almost 18 hour credit semesters every year until graduation. I also plan to add a minor in leadership studies to diversify myself and spend my time in classes I enjoy.

Leadership Development: I am a member of the Alumni Relations Committee. It has been an excellent way to connect with the Alumni but also given me some additional responsibilities. I am also a rider for the Ohio State Western Equestrian team. This has been an excellent way to connect with others and be a team player while also participating in something I am very passionate about and always have been. Lastly, I plan to rush next semester to immerse myself in the Greek community and place to develop even more leadership.