Year in Review

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Global Awareness: I plan to travel to Spain over my spring break with the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences on an Equine Studies. trip. I also would like to travel to South Africa before I graduate.

Original Inquiry: I plan to participate in an undergraduate research project between my sophomore and Junior year.

Academic Enrichment:I am an Animal Sciences major and plan to attend Vet school after graduation. Vet school is a very competitive field and will require an extremely high GPA along with difficult science classes and almost 18 hour credit semesters every year until graduation. I also plan to add a minor in leadership studies to diversify myself and spend my time in classes I enjoy.

Leadership Development: I am a member of the Alumni Relations Committee. It has been an excellent way to connect with the Alumni but also given me some additional responsibilities. I am also a rider for the Ohio State Western Equestrian team. This has been an excellent way to connect with others and be a team player while also participating in something I am very passionate about and always have been. Lastly, I plan to rush next semester to immerse myself in the Greek community and place to develop even more leadership.


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Two summers ago I attended the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine week long camp. At the end of the camp a stethoscope was given to each participant as our first stethoscope on our journey to vet school. Ever since then I have looked at this stethoscope as a reminder of where I am headed and the hopes of being able to use it in a few years. Becoming a vet is all I ever dream about and this stethoscope resembles that for me. It resembles the future and the tools I will need to get there.

About Me



My name is Mercedes Stover but everyone calls me Sadie. I am from Raleigh, North Carolina and I am an Animal Science Pre-Vet major. I have loved animals my whole entire life and could not imagine myself on any other career path. I currently ride on the Ohio State Equestrian Team and am in the Mount Leadership Society. I have always been an active member in my community, even holding executive positions, with organizations such as Key Club, Beta Club, National Honor Society, National Science Honor Society, North Carolina Quarter Horse Youth Association, and the American Quarter Horse Youth Association. I currently serve as the North Carolina Quarter Horse Youth Association president. I not only hold leadership positions in clubs but also was a foster for Independent Animal Rescue homing 6 puppies so far. One of my favorite experiences was interning for the Tammy Lynn Center. TLC is a center for the developmentally disabled. I served on the Toast Committee and was responsible for the silent auction at the Toast, our biggest yearly fundraiser. My favorite day was when I was asked to speak to the kindergarten class about horses. It was exciting to see such little kids so interested in animals and learning. Working at TLC allowed me to see that the harder you work the greater the benefit for the community and the organization. We had an extremely successful silent auction and raised over $200,000 total from the whole event. Being able to give back to your community is one of the greatest accomplishments to achieve. I hope to continue to give back through mount and other service clubs while I am in college and even after college.