Global Awareness:

Throughout my undergraduate career so far, I have seen a greta improvement in my global awareness. I am currently tutoring elementary, middle school, and high school students at Columbus Global Academy. These students come from a very different background than me. This has made it challenging to help teach them because some may speak a different language. This has helped me understand some of the challenges students can face in education when they come from different backgrounds. They have problems I have never considered before this experience.


Original Inquiry:

I had multiple volunteering experiences throughout the last year and a half that have been very eye opening. This in person experience has helped better my understanding of some of the social justice issues in our society. By actually going into the communities this has helped me understand what the real problems are. I’ve found it’s important to listen to the community express their issues instead of just assuming what the problems are.

Academic Enrichment:

I am majoring in Nursing here at Ohio State. Getting into this major was not easy, but I am proud of all of the work I have put in to get to where I am. I am also excited for the journey I have ahead of me though. Right now I am on the path to get my BSN and would then like to graduate and work as an RN for a few years. Then I would like to go back to school and become a nurse practitioner. Then down the line I would like to consider getting into an administration role at a hospital. I have been beginning to get my foot in the door by volunteering at the James Cancer Hospital. This summer I hope to continue my involvement by working as a Student Nursing Aide at the Wexner Medical Center to gain experience with patients.


Leadership Development:

I am very involved with my scholars program through our committees and by mentoring a first-year. I have a first-year I was assigned and throughout the first semester I am here to answer any questions they may have and to help them with this challenging transition. Also, I was one of the chairs of a committee this year that planned a leadership conference. This conference encouraged faculty and student connection through the conversation of the Social Change model with the specific theme of commitment this year. This experience was challenging due to the thorough though processes and planning, but taught me a lot. We had a committee to help us have a successful event. I learned a lot through leading them and giving them tasks to help the event run smoother.

Service Engagement:

Last year, as a first-year, we did service once a month and then second semester, we planned our own service projects. This year we are working to complete a year of service to understand the social justice issues we have in our society. This involves my volunteering on Thursday’s at an After School program through ETSS and then on Friday’s I volunteer in the Patient and Family Resource Center at the James Cancer Hospital. These experiences have been very different so far, but I have learned so much through them.