Scholars Movie Event

I watched the movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle at the Gateway Film Center for my second scholars event of the summer.

One thing I gained from the experiment was that going to the movies is an enjoyable experience.

Year in Review

My first semester at The Ohio State University has been a meaningful experience for me.  Prior to the start of this autumn semester, I was concerned about being able to create friendships and getting acclimated to the nature of college life.  But so far, my experiences in the Biological Scholars program have helped me accomplish both of these goals.  It has also provided a good head start for me in developing a professional profile, through means such as the ePortfolio and the resume.   Additionally, it has provided some insight to me about the resources that are available on campus and different avenues I can explore to further my research career.


Global Awareness: I have gotten the opportunity to learn about other people’s cultures during this semester.  For example, I have a Korean roommate, and he has told me about some of the customs and traditions of Korean people.  He has even taught me a few Korean words and shown me some Korean music too.
Original Inquiry: Given that I am only a freshman, I have not yet pursued any research opportunities related to my major.  However, I plan to take zoology-related courses as early as my sophomore year and am considering using the knowledge I gain in those classes to find an internship opportunity the following summer that could involve conducting some research with the aid of others.
Academic Enrichment: I am currently taking Chemistry 1210 this semester, a challenging course that has been responsible for most of the homework that I have had to do.  For me, the toughest part of it has been carrying out the lab experiments and making sure that the data I collect is accurate.  I also have had to take at least one online quiz every day that tests me on the material that has been covered so far.  Overall, it has been a rigorous course that has helped further develop my work ethic and improve my study habits.
Leadership Development: I have helped develop my leadership skills by assisting my Korean roommate as he continues to further his understanding of the English language.  I have helped teach him what certain words and phrases mean, and about certain grammatical pointers to ensure that he can be understood more clearly.  I have also helped some of my peers in Chemistry on their assignments, especially in one instance where I finished my lab report before they did, allowing me to use my knowledge of the assignment to guide them in doing theirs.
Service Engagement: I have not had the opportunity to complete any service hours yet, but I plan on taking part in a canned goods event later this month.  It will show me the importance of giving back to the community and helping others in need.


English4Memoir 2-2nxw0p3

This artifact represents my experience of carrying out my Eagle Project.  The Eagle Project was one of the many things you had to undertake to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in Boy Scouts.  My Eagle Project involved donating tennis equipment to an organization in inner Cincinnati called the Inner City Tennis Project (their mission was to give less fortunate kids the opportunity to play tennis).  It also involved conducting a tennis tournament which the organization’s kids participated in.  I learned that I was capable of exhibiting leadership qualities even in uncomfortable environments.  I was very introverted so it surprised me that I could pull it off.  I will use what I learned during this experience to play a more proactive role in situations where leadership is required.

About Me

My name is Andrew Stocker, and I am a freshman at The Ohio State University.  I am enrolled in the scholars program and am majoring in zoology.  I plan on doing zoology-related research for my career or perhaps working at a zoo.  My interest in animals and dinosaurs growing up and my zoology class in high school helped me decide that I wanted to major in zoology.  I am also a tennis player; I have played for about ten years.  I played all four years on my high school’s team and am currently enrolled in Ohio State’s club tennis program.  I decided to try out the Biological Scholars program because I thought it would be nice to form connections with people that have similar majors and it would be a nice way to help serve the community.   I hope to have a successful first year at Ohio State.