Module 7: Keys to Motivation for Online Learning (July 19 – July 25)

What I took from this week’s module is a new tool that will help me stay motivated during my studies. The web tool is Noisli ( which provides calm/relaxing noises that can be adjusted to your liking. I’m glad that I was introduced to this tool in this week’s module because I know that it will benefit me in the future and I do plan on using it more often. During the two days that I used the app, I noticed that I didn’t experience any interruption or loss of concentration which used to be a struggle for me when I used a playlist from a music app. When I’m studying the fewer distractions is the better because I tend to lose focus easily when I am distracted which is why I use background music to keep me concentrated and in tune. I was also able to create a “combo” which is basically a playlist of sounds that I found relaxing on the site, I just noticed that you could share a link to your own combos so here is one of mine:

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