Module 5: Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies (July 5 – July 11)

What I learned from this week’s module is a new way of taking notes. I mean previously we learned the Cornell and outline method but I only tested them once, this week I received a better understanding of both methods and now I would really like to try the outlining method. From comparing my notes with Kates and Sarah I noticed a tiny difference within their notes that made the topic more clear and broke everything down. I noticed that my note-taking doesn’t need much change but could definitely be improved. I’ve never had much trouble understanding my own notes but sometimes when I am rushed and look back at them that’s when confusion settles in. Sarah’s method of note-taking, which was the outlining method, gave me a better understanding of how I can break down and minimize my notes in a way that I can understand them when I look back at them. Another thing I learned from this week’s module is the basics of fashion drawing. In the assignment where we submitted an academic youtube video that was related to our outside classes or classes in the future, I was able to do my own research on a class I will be taking in the fall. Now I have a hint of what to expect for the future class I will be taking.

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