Week 4: Web-Enhanced Reading and Study Strategies Blog Post

This week I was able to look more into study strategies. The assignment “Best of the web” exposed me to new resources that I can use in the future for my studies. Some of the resources that I had found I realized I have already been using. A resource tool that has always been beneficial to me when it came to my studies and preparing for my exams is Quizlet. I’ve always used Quizlet the day after creating a study guide in class. Also, whenever my teacher would hand back assignments I corrected my answers before creating flashcards on Quizlet. The flashcards allowed me to study and quiz myself for as long as I needed until I was able to memorize what I have learned over a unit. By studying this way I have succeeded in the majority of my exams and it also helped my learning as a whole. I find study strategies very important because it eventually becomes a routine and makes it less stressful when it comes to studying. Study strategies can also enhance your learning skills and keep you on track. Study strategies keep me organized and help me prioritize what I have to look over before taking on a big assignment or exam.

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