Module 3: Efficiency in the Digital Age

What I’ve learned from this week’s module is how to create a task list and calendar that will not only help me time manage but keep me up to date with my assignments. I often forget to set reminders on my phone for important things coming up such as events, appointments, or assignment due dates. I figure since I always check my Gmail that it would be much easier for me to start using google tasks as a substitute for my reminders. Google task is easily accessible through Gmail so I want to try to embed that into my daily routine so that I can get the hang of checking my tasks list and updating it every time I look through my Gmail. Before this module, I never found creating events on calendars useful, but now I wouldn’t mind trying it. I noticed that google calendar and my apple calendar both have a similar feature where you can categorize events by color so that it’s easier to identify work, assignments, and appointments.

  • What ideas from this module could I put into practice in the future?

As stated earlier the ideas from this module I could put to practice in the future are the google tasks list and calendar.

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