The Accessory by James G Hutchison

The Accessory by: James G Hutchison

 I stumbled upon “The Accessory’s” facebook page by author James G Hutchison. From there I decided to take a chance and contact him in regards to doing a book review for him. He so graciously accepted. I admit I was a little hesistant in reading this due to my own personal religous confusions. The story however seemed so compelling I had to give it a shot, and rightly so I am glad I did. Here is the outcome…..

“The Accessory is a fast-paced story that explores how religious extremism is used by the country’s elite to further their own agenda of greed, no matter who stands in the way. Sean and Leslie Hodges are two aspiring young adults heading to the top of the charts with their indie band Indigo Insight. Twelve miles south of town, a mining corporation with ties to a secret society are trying to set up shop… the teens’ lives are forever changed by a bizarre discovery about their past, and the corrupt activities of the country’s financial power brokers. ”

As I said above, I was hesitant about reading this novel because it was a christian based book. However further reading into it, I realized that the religous parts of it were actually not as grandeur as I was fearful of. From the beginning of the book after reading the first two chapters I was immediately drawn into the story aside from the policality and religous aspects. James begins with a hook that lures you. 

I just browsed through the webpage again and my opinion was confirmed. He stated that he is inspired by Dan Brown and John Grisham. My thoughts before even reading that were “reads like a John Grisham legal thriller.” There were parts of this book that a lot of the descriptions just were too in depth, only did I realize towards the end how it gave it more character. The way that James describes in depth band practice and all of its entirety to help someone, like me, understand about the works of a band. 

There are a lot of characters throughout the story. At some point you wonder why are there so many? When does it all tie together? For me, it wasn’t until part three when all of the characters and the entire story came together. 

There were just a few things that I didn’t like involving this book. Firstly it was sometimes frustrating trying to understand the Canadian type of talk and wordings of sorts. I found myself re-reading parts a few times before I understood what he was meaning. This isn’t in evil criticism it’s just simply a country barrier of languages. Just like in America some of our states have different ways of speaking that an outsider has to ask, “say what?” Secondly there was a lot of grammatical errors, missing words etc. I am accustomed to this since I have been reading prior ARC’s which is, again, aside from the point. In the final result I am sure the editors will fix them. Lastly, as much as I read I always love to know more about the author. For some reason the author info wasn’t anywhere in the book. I hope they had added a portion to the final result for his readers to get to know him a little, in addition to his work. 

The epilogue leaves you at a climactic point wondering if this is the end, or is this the beginning of a new “Accessory?” Upon reading further on the webpage, yes, there will be a sequel titled “The Witness.” I am anxiously awaiting the second novel from this promising up and coming writer. It could easily be turned into a film. Who knows, one day it just might!

Fireflies by Ally Blue

Fireflies by Ally Blue

A Sidhe warrior in exile. A young man with powers he’s only beginning to understand. In their hands, the fate of two worlds.

A childhood encounter with one of the Sidhe sets Joseph Vines’ life on a fateful course. Unable to forget the beautiful creature who promised to one day return for him, Joey spends the next twenty years learning, dreaming and waiting.

Braeden Shay, a warrior of the Sidhe, has spent those same twenty years watching Joey from a distance, waiting for Joey’s heritage to make itself known. When the time is ripe, Braeden steps in to protect Joey from those trying to kill him, and to help him deal with the changes turning his life inside out.

During the days that follow, as Braeden teaches Joey to harness and control his newfound power over the natural world, Joey finds himself falling for the gentle, patient Braeden. Braeden, who has watched over Joey for most of his life, is already deeply in love with him. When the forces targeting Joey for death catch up with them, it will take all their magic—and the power of their love for each other—to survive, and to save both their worlds.

Once again I must thank Ally for graciously sending me a copy of Fireflies. This was one of her works that just called my name. I knew I had to read it, and I knew I would love it.

Where shall I begin? This was truly a wonderful blend of reality and fantasy. Aside from the faery aspect, the story is believable. A couple destined to be together even tho they had not a slightest clue. The fact that Joseph’s father issues. A mother’s intuition, which cut deep into my heart- especially towards the end. Another great thing was the location of the story- Asheville, North Carolina. Ally has set the novel here and describes various locations that I have seen. Although I may have only seen them briefly in my time here, it was a cool feeling to know an author has set her story in a place you actually live in. It gives it an almost surreal feeling. However most importantly to me, was the fact of the characters being a gay couple. Ally loves to break stereotypes and I can tell by her use of an interracial couple. So what if it’s an interracial-“mythical” couple. I believe in non-discrimination, even in fiction, and she has made this happen.

Anne Cain has done the illustration for the cover of Ally’s book, and I have to say it’s just beautiful.  The way that Ally has described Joey’s tattoo is just dead on to the cover that shows Joey’s back tattoo. I want it myself! It goes into even more depth with how in one section Ally is describing a scene. You can read that section and look at the cover pose of Joey & Braeden, and you just know it is straight off the page. I sincerely hope Ally at some point takes Joey’s story and expands it into a second book. Tir-Na-Nog is a magical place and who wouldn’t want to know what happens in Faery land?

There are a few quotes that I read and just had to save for my review. This first one I believe rings so true and could even be used as an empowerment statement, as well as the mantra it is used for in the story. “It’s okay to be afraid. Do not try to deny it, but do not let it rule you. Acknowledge it, allow yourself to feel it, and let it go. Only then will you be able to do what must be done.” I loved that saying and feel I can use it in my own personal life, as well as anyone else who may be afraid of something or someone.

The other two stood out as well to the same extent as the one above, but in different contexts. “The future is not predestined, though those who attempt to change its course often bring about their own downfall.”  “Because you are indeed a virgin in matters of the heart. Because for all the men you’ve bedded, you’ve loved none until now.” Ally’s beautiful ability to turn words into things that are a magical wonder is just wonderful in all that it is. This is a must read and I encourage my friends and readers to look out for this book because you too will fall in love with Joseph’s journey and self-discovery.

Oleander House by Ally Blue

Oleander House by Ally Blue

When Sam Raintree goes to work for Bay City Paranormal Investigations, he expects his quiet life to change—he doesn’t expect to put his life and sanity on the line, or to fall for a man he can never have.

Book One in the Bay City Paranormal Investigation series.

Sam Raintree has never been normal. All his life, he’s experienced things he can’t explain. Things that have colored his view of the world and of himself. So taking a job as a paranormal investigator seems like a perfect fit. His new co-workers, he figures, don’t have to know he’s gay.

When Sam arrives at Oleander House, the site of his first assignment with Bay City Paranormal Investigations, nothing is what he expected. The repetitive yet exciting work, the unusual and violent history of the house, the intensely erotic and terrifying dreams which plague his sleep. But the most unexpected thing is Dr. Bo Broussard, the group’s leader.

From the moment they meet, Sam is strongly attracted to his intelligent, alluring boss. It doesn’t take Sam long to figure out that although Bo has led a heterosexual life, he is very much in the closet, and wants Sam as badly as Sam wants him.

As the investigation of Oleander House progresses and paranormal events in the house escalate, Sam and Bo circle warily around their mutual attraction, until a single night of bloodshed and revelation changes their lives forever.

The thing that drew me to this book, first off, was the fact it’s part of a series. Secondly, what drew me to it was the premise. I love horror as I’ve clearly stated many times before- a gay supernatural horror story is even better.

The character Sam Raintree was as most of the world would call a person of his stature- a whore. He gets hired on to help the BCPI crew with an investigation. Little did he know he would lust, and eventually fall in love with his straight boss in the process of the investigation. Oleander House was a mystery in and of its self. Many unexplained murders have happened there over a length of time. Sam and the crew attempt at uncovering the reason of the murders. Sam, Andre, & Cecile (I always want to say Cecil- lol!) all begin having gory-sex nightmares. He begins to envision things, yet he can’t explain them, mostly due to his feelings for a man he can’t have. Things escalate and the nightmares and the relationship between Sam & Bo get worse.

I really enjoyed this book, however I did have a few things that made me want more from it. I don’t want to divulge some of the info because I would feel it may ruin the story for anyone who wants to read it. Yet, there’s a point towards the end that an event I don’t think should have occured, or even maybe occured to another character. I also was hoping for more of a story after that “unsaid” incident happened, and before the epilogue. I think it was just a sense of wanting more to read on, as if something was missing. One more thing I want to point out is the sex scenes between this and Dragon’s Kiss. I don’t think that I can compare them because both works are in two seperate categories. However, I feel that Dragon’s Kiss was way beyond a more extreme detail than in Oleander House. Yet in Oleander House the scene was imaginative. I hope in the continuing of the series I get my wish that Bo & Sam somehow can arrange a pleasurable “real” moment.

Thanks again to AB who with amazing talent has created another beautiful piece of work. I recieved her shipment today with autographed copies of her books Fireflies & What Hides Inside BCPI Series #2.  Looking forward to continuing Sam’s story along with the help of the Bay City Paranormal Investigator crew.

Dragon’s Kiss by Ally Blue

Dragon’s Kiss by Ally Blue

In a future ruled by superstition and fear, wanting the wrong man can be deadly.

A Mother Earth story.

The rules governing a Pack-Brother’s existence are simple. Love your Brothers. Protect each other and your Tribe with your life. Seek sex only within the bonds of Brotherhood, or your life is forfeit. The laws are harsh, but fair. Or so Bear has always thought. Then he and his Brother Lynx capture a stranger in the Carwin Tribe’s outlying lands—Dragon, a Brother from a distant Pack, banished from his Tribe for the crime of challenging things he shouldn’t.

Dragon intrigues Bear from the start, and not just because of his exotic beauty. Interest in the decadent old world is discouraged in this post-Change society. Dragon is the first person Bear’s ever known, other than himself, who’s curious about the vanished past. That kinship sparks a forbidden attraction between them. An attraction which is, if they give in to it, punishable by death.

In the space of a day, everything Bear was raised to believe is called into question, and he must make a life-changing decision—follow the law, or follow his heart.

First off I want to thank Ally Blue for being so gracious to send some stranger like mwah her work to review. *giggles* I also want to say how hard it is to give a review on a book that is written by someone you’ve actually been in contact with. I hate to offend her or give a wrong impression so here goes…

This is a story of a post-apocalypse era. I was in major of awe of how a woman, straight-married-has children none-the-less could write about a gay romance as deep and sensual as she did. The story focuses on Bear & his unbeknownst lover who is an outcast from another “clan.” Bear has always been curious about life outside of his bubble. One day his friend Lynx and himself go on a hunt to capture a lurking being outside of their encampment. Lynx & Bear capture the being which turns out to be the outcast-Dragon. Things escalate and Bear decids to go against his instilled belief’s and leave all he’s ever known with Dragon as his mate.

I sincerely don’t think that any woman could have outdone Ally’s graphic and very believable portrayal of gay sex. I was also amazed at how a (under 40 page) short story could have so much detail and depth to it. I think my only complaint would be how short the story is. I wished it was more like a novel, short stories are a tease to me. I am excited for the release of Bear & Dragon’s continuing story later this fall.

Props to AB for her creativity, enthusiasm, and her sense of humor. She kills me everytime.

Undead & Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson

Undead & Unwed: MaryJanice Davidson

Betsy Taylor turns 30, gets laid off, is killed by an SUV and wakes up dead all in the same week. The vampire community is convinced she’s their prophesied Queen. But she’s not having any of it—she’s got shoes to buy! And now the undead world is being turned upside-down by a Bela Lugosi throwback and her subjects expect her to take care of it! Why didn’t she read the handbook? But her would-be consort, Eric Sinclair, is (annoyingly) ever-present. If only he wasn’t so tall, dark, gorgeous…and undead.

Hey all. Well my friend Marie had purchased a copy of this book and sent it to me for my birthday. If it weren’t for her I don’t think I would have ever heard of it.

The book was simply *vampire bite* tasty. MJD grabs your attention from page 1, holds onto you and barely relinquishes you at the end. This book, IMO, is the baby of Confessions of a Shopaholic and a vampire. Betsy is one of the funniest vamps to come around since Buffy. It only took me about a day to read the book it was so refreshingly funny. As I neared the epilogue I became all excited. Not to just finish the story, but in anticipation of moving on to the second book in the series. I would recommend this book to any. Even my mom, who ia afraid of horror began reading it this morning. My favorite line in the book was “Do lesbians have periods?” I loved the adult humor in it and the sex of course. I wouldn’t say this is remotely a book for some minor. Then again I grew up in a strict Catholic family. Thank you MJD for luring in another fan. Until next time….

Everlasting Kiss by Amanda Ashley

Everlasting Kiss by Amanda Ashley

After much procrastination and winter blues…I am ready to do the review. Are you ready?

Daisy O’Donnell doesn’t get the attraction some women feel for vampires. She likes her men with a pulse. And she’s just met one who’s full of life: Erik Delacourt, the unreasonably sexy man she keeps meeting at a popular L.A. nightclub called the Crypt. She barely knows him, but there’s no resisting the connection she feels…

There’s one important detail Erik hasn’t gotten around to telling her yet. He’s a powerful vampire out to hunt the Blood Thief who is draining young vampires all over the city—and who has just raised the stakes by destroying one of Erik’s friends. To Erik, Daisy is a bright spot of innocence in a world of darkness and menace. He’ll do anything—even lie to her—to keep her safe and pure.

If only he knew that Daisy has something of her own to hide…

Wow, she did it again. This is only the second book I’ve read from her but Amanda’s work just fascinates me. If I were to think of this book as a recipe, the ingredients of my favorite vamp books would be as follows
1 part Twilight
1 part Moonlight
1 part Buffy 
1 part Blade
dash of Interview with the Vampire
Directions: Shake well

It was such a compelling read. I spent the whole day I recieved the copy, laid up in bed enthralled with the words coming off the page. So vivid I can imagine this book to grow into an awesome movie. Or so I can hope. The story revolves around a vamp hunter, Daisy, who mysteriously falls in love with the “hunted.” The novel flows so beautifully that, like Twilight, you are on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what’s next. A little bit of love, sex & gore- what more could I ask for? There were two lines that really hit me in a personal view. The first being “He had never made light of her fears…” This one spoke to me in a comedic sense because my Grandma, Nanny, has what we call her own language. She has been the only person I have ever known of to use “make light.” Thanks Mandy for the laugh. The other one I can’t find the location but it’s basically referring to a character who doesn’t like to chat on the phone and much rather prefers online communication. Hmmm does that remind you of anyone? ME! Hello! HA! 

As the book was nearing it’s last pages, there was a dramatic turn of events that I ended up crying. Bleh. I am so excited for book two to come out in October this year. Keep up the good work Mandy. Until next time…

Immortal Sins by Amanda Ashley

Immortal Sins by Amanda Ashley

Wow, in only 2 days did I read this book, majorly due to distractions and oversleeping.  This is the first book I read since 2009, and the first book by Amanda as well. What a great way to start a new year. I actually just finished it about 10 minutes ago after staying up all night just to do so.  I was hesitant, thinking that it was a novel that just wasn’t my type of reading material. I couldn’t have been so wrong. It was such a wonderful supernatural journey filled with wizards, witches, vampires, and even educational history. I loved the vampire lore twist that Amanda gave. I have never heard of many of them like she had described. Being a predominantly vampire genre fan, it made me giggle inside learning different abilities and “ways of living” that her characters possessed. This is another of them rare books that has that paradoxical ending. You know what I mean. That kind of story that just keeps you on the edge until the last few pages. As you read them you’re mad as hell at the ending, but in your mind you’re like…”well it couldn’t have ended any better.”

Today I am venturing to the wonderful world that few of us know and love, while other’s are clueless into the magical realm it can take them- called a library, to get a few more of Amanda’s books to keep me enthralled these wintry months. She has a special power all her own, it may not be supernatural, but the magic she possesses in creating her novels is just immeasurable! (Damn, that really sounded like a real book critic!)  Thanks again Amanda for the magical journey you took me and all your other readers on. God Bless!

Godmother by Carolyn Turgeon

Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story by: Carolyn Turgeon

The dark and enchanting backstory of Cinderella’s fairy godmother

Lil is an old woman who spends her days shelving rare books in a tiny Manhattan bookstore and lonely nights at home in her apartment. But Lil has an intriguing secret. Tucked and bound behind her back are white feathery-wings- the only key to who she once was: the fairy godmother responsible for getting Cinderella to the ball to meet, fall in love with, and mary Prince Charming.

But on that fateful night, something went terribly and beautifully wrong. Lil allowed herself the unthinkable: to feel the emotions of human beings and fall in love with the prince herself, going to the ball in place of Cinderella in her exquisitely gorgeous human guise. For the unforgivable mistake, she was banished to live out among human beings, far from her fairy sister, her friends, and their magical world. But then one day she meets Veronica- a fair-skinned, dark-haired young East Village beauty with a passion for all things vintage and a penchant for falling in love with the wrong men- and suddenly it becomes clear to Lil that she’s been given a chance at redemption. If she can find a soul mate for Veronica, she may return to the fairy world she so deeply longs for….

CAROLYN TURGEON is the author of Rain Village and is working on her third book, a noir. 

And so states the back cover of Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story, an amazing book I read this month by Carolyn Turgeon. I cannot tell you the purpose of why she chose to write this book. However I can tell you the reason I enjoyed it so much. From the beginning of the book, it took me back to my childhood watching the Disney version of Cinderella- a much sugar coated version. Now that I am an adult, what seems to be many years later, it was a bitter-sweet shock to find out it was an adult version. When we become adults the majority of us loose our sense of imagination. This book enthralls you and escapes you back into a child-like fantasy world. The use of Carolyn’s descriptions throughout the book just makes my room fill with haunted forests, kings and queens, and yes even fairies fluttering around sprinkling their dust all over the land.

From beginning to end I was laughing at the author’s application of humor. As much as I use the F bomb, I have to admit I even gasped, and had to laugh. I was hardly expecting such a word to be used in a “fairy tale.” Another great feature about this book is that it is from the godmother’s perspective. It has a past/present flash back story from Cinderella to modern day Manhattan, New York. Since I have been to New York myself it was nice to read her portrayal of it, and even naming a lot of the places I had gone to, and a few that I hadn’t- but now am dying to see.

I think the greatest thing about this genre of fantasy that Carolyn chose to write about is that we all need an escape at times. Living vicariously via this book, even for the brief time of its reading consumption can put one in a zen-like state. She takes you away from all the worries of current times, and hell, even makes you focus on someone else’s (Lil’s). The audience for this book is definitely not for children. Possibly some mature teen audiences, but more suitable for adults. I only say this due to some of the briefly abuse situations. At the same point, I was always the one kid reading the books/magazines I was told not too.

Over all, I would recommend this book to just about anyone. I went to the library today to request a copy of Carolyn’s first book Rain Village. While she was getting the book reserved for me she mentioned Carolyn had another book. I got all excited and was about to request it. Then she told me the title was Godmother. I quickly had to express to her my appreciation for such a well written book and recommended to her that she take some time out to read it. Carolyn is currently working on another book, from what I seen, on mermaids. Maybe it’s the secret life of a certain mermaid named Ariel? Who knows, but all I do know is I am now a fan of Carolyn’s and her miraculously well use of humor and power to be a very talented writer.