Photoshop Projects

Project #1: Cropping & Straightening 

Before After
CroppingBefore CroppingAfter
For this project, I wanted to crop the buildings and straighten them up a bit as I took this photo while riding in a golf cart.  First, I used the crop tool to remove most of the street.  Then, I rotated the image to straighten it, and cropped the photo again to remove the excess space.  Finally, I adjusted the colors and used the curves tool to make it lighter.

Project #2: Retouching

Before After
 RetouchingBefore RetouchingAfter
For this project, I wanted to adjust the color settings as well as the exposure, shadows, and light balance for myself in the background.  The first thing I had to do was use the magnetic lasso and magic wand tool to select just myself.  Then, I lightened the selection and adjusted the color using the adjustment slide bars.

 Project #3: New Background & Text

Before After
PhillyMuseumBackground FamilyForeground NewBackgroundText
For this project, I took the background (Philadelphia Museum of Art) and added my family to the picture.  I created a magnetic lasso path around my family and copied the selection to the new photo.  I then used the text tool to write on the photo so people knew where it was, like a post card!

Project #4: Filters

Before After
 FiltersBefore FiltersAfterBlur
For this project, I wanted to accomplish two things.  First, I wanted to crop my photo so that it was more dynamic using the rule of thirds.  Second, I wanted to adjust the background to make it look like the restaurant was moving (because it was) and blur the background because it is not very appealing.  I used the motion blur filter on the background after selecting me and Mickey.  Now we are more prominent and your eye is not distracted from the background.

Project #5: Informative Website

For this project, I used many layers to create an informative but creative design approach to the Education Technology site.  I incorporated icons for navigation as well as tabs for the main program pages.  Social media links were added so students can easily become fans and followers.  A brief description about the program was added as well as some highlights of different aspects of campus.  I used an iPad background to keep in line with the technology aspect of the program.


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