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cm_logo3J.L. Morton. Color Matters. 1995-2012. Web. 12 July 2014.

Color Matters is a great color resources for educators and designers.  It provides insights into how color theory works, how the color wheel is set up, and how audiences perceive color.  It also goes in depth into the science of color.  The site discusses branding using color and why it is so important for consumers, as well as commentating on the global meanings of some colors.

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 6.38.34 PMTiger Color. Tiger Color. 2000-2012. Web. 11 July 2014.

Tiger Color is the maker of Color Impact, an award winning interactive program for designing harmonious color schemes.  The site also features a color lab which includes information about basic color theory and the Chromoscale for people interested in going more in depth with the science of color.  It also links to various color resources around the web.

logo-squareJanet L. Ford Shallbetter. Worqx.com. 1998-2013. Web. 8 July 2014. <http://www.worqx.com/color/color_basics.htm>.

Janet has created a great website for people who want to learn more about color in a clear, concise, and simplified way.  She explores color systems, color schemes, and intensity and dominance of color. She breaks down each aspect of color theory and defines terms in a way that anyone can comprehend.

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 7.12.42 PMAdobe Systems Incorporated. Adobe Kuler. 2014. Web. 6 July 2014. <https://kuler.adobe.com/create/color-wheel/>.

Adobe Kuler is a great site to start exploring color schemes in an interactive way.  With Adobe Kuler, the viewer can select their color scheme rule of choice and start selecting colors from the color wheel to match.  It also offers the option of selecting colors from an image.  It is a great site for the beginning and safe exploration of a variety of color schemes from analogous, to triad, to compound schemes.

Aircrafts-Color-Boom-P-Hd-Wallszone-720258Kendra Cherry. Color Psychology, How Colors Impact Moods, Feelings, and Behaviors. 2014. Web. 6 July 2014.

Kendra Cherry specializes in making psychology more understandable for students.  In this article, she discusses what color is, the psychological effects of color, color psychology as therapy, modern research, and links to each color and their effects and reactions from readers!  It is a very interesting read that gets specific to what color is actually doing and how it can help and harm.  It is also interesting to read what other people think about each color.

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