TechEd 2012

So for the last few days I’ve been at the Microsoft TechEd 2012 conference. This is my first time attending this event, though I have heard a great deal about the past conferences bearing the same name. This time around it’s being held in Orlando FL. Orlando is a nice place to visit, but seeing as hot weather and I don’t mix I don’t think I will be making the move anytime soon.

TechEd is a learning conference with sessions ment to not only inform, but to also teach tidbits from a variety of subjects Microsoft software related. Covering everything new that is Microsoft from Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 to SQL server, Windows Azure, and the various cloud based products Microsoft now or will soon offer. I am gaining an excellent look at what is to come in the not so distant future. I have also gained a fair amount of insight into current technologies such as Powershell and Group Policies. Overall fun times.

I should have a considerable amount of content to post upon my return.