Step Reflection

Step reflection Colin Melick

Prompt 1:

My step project was doing a research project through the movement lab here at The Ohio State University under Professor Manoj Srinivasan. My project specifically was measuring the metabolic cost to stand, sit, and do various bent leg exercises. We also measure the forces that the subject’s legs were applying throughout the different exercises.


Prompt 2:

Throughout this project I learned a lot of things. I learned that with any project communication is key. When I start this project communication between the project advisor and I was very not in sync which caused the project to not get off to a quick start like I would’ve liked. This probably could’ve been fixed by setting expectations from the beginning and also figuring out what the best form of communication would be.

Another thing I learned is about for myself better time management. With this project spanning the summer and school year I had to learn to adjust from summer almost always being available to the school year when I’m almost never available. This was a big thing that has helped me in my day to day life as well. Setting weekly meetings helps a lot as well.


Prompt 3:

In the beginning there was miscommunication about when and where we were meeting and emails being sent out too close to meeting times. This caused both being late for and missing meetings which did not help the project.

Also when subject eventually started there were a few instances of miscommunication whether that be time or location of the study. Both of these things forced me to learn to be almost overly prepared for every meeting and trial when it comes to time and place and making meetings weekly and at the same time.

Time management came about from the transition from summer to school year. It really forced me to be better with meetings and keeping a calendar. Keeping a schedule kept me on track to make sure that I was doing everything I needed and when I could fit in possible new subjects and meetings with my professor. It also helped me in my general life plan out when I have free time to do homework or go to the gym or just in general relax.

My time management skills were also transformed through my time with each subject. I would try to have each subject in and out of the lab in 2 hours while I myself was there for three hours. Each trial was completely randomized so the approach to each trial and which trial came first had to be changed with each different subject. I had to make sure that I was utilizing my time wisely to make sure I got them out in 2 hours and I wasn’t wasting their time or my own. For example with each trial different things need to be set up so making sure the everything is set up for each trial and not having to have the subject wait around for me to set trails up and making sure each is ready to go.


Prompt 4:

This communication change will help me in my personal life and career. I will always be on track with what is going on in every aspect of life and make sure I’m never missing a meeting or any information. Also taught me that some people just aren’t as good of communicators and how to deal with people if that’s the case and to be extra prepared for any situation.

The time management change will help me in almost every aspect of life. With work it will help me know when I have time to fit in tasks and meetings. In my personal life it will help me know when I’m available to hang with friends or when is the best time for me to go to the gym and live my best life. It will decrease the chance of me ever missing something or having to cancel and it will help me optimize my time so I am getting the most out of each and every day.