Internship with The Ohio State University Entomology department

This past summer I completed an internship with The Ohio State University Entomology Department. My job title was student assistant and I gained knowledge about agricultural pests for various crops. I used this internship as my STEP signature project and used the STEP money to help me pay for housing (rent) during the duration of my internship.

I learned many new things about myself throughout my internship. I learned that I enjoy working outdoors and having a job that does not necessarily have the same day to day tasks. By learning this about myself I now have a better idea of the kind of work I would like to do after I graduate. I also learned through this internship that I enjoy doing research based work or any work that requires close attention to detail. This has now sparked an interest for me to go to graduate school.

While completing my STEP signature project I was able to gain new ideas for career opportunities for after I graduate. My daily tasks included things such as taking care of the colony of stinkbugs in the lab that we use for research, deploying stinkbug eggs in various orchards throughout Ohio for our parasitic wasps testing, and evaluating sweetcorn plots looking for stinkbug damage. Throughout this internship I was able to network with Orchard growers throughout Ohio along with gaining knowledge about some of the insect pests that these growers were dealing with.

This internship gave me new career path ideas for myself and gave me hands on skills that I can use in future classes. I was also able to gain research experience and learned how to properly collect and record data that was obtained throughout my work. As I stated before, this internship has given me an interest in attending graduate school, while I am not sure what I would go for yet I am interested in going for my masters degree.

Having a job that consisted of working outdoors for a majority of the time has shown me that I do not want to have a desk job after graduation. It is important for me to have a job that the location fluctuates from day to day. During my internship I did a lot of travelling to different orchards around Ohio, it made the days more interesting and being able to talk to orchard growers was a really neat experience.

The changes to myself that I have experienced this past summer have made significant impacts on my life. Being able to complete this internship allowed me to create career ideas for myself as well as make the decision to eventually obtain my masters degree. Being able to complete this internship without having to worry about making enough money for my monthly rent costs enabled me to better focus on my job and growing as a person both professionally and personally.

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