Food Safety in Cancer Patients

  1.  During my STEP project, I worked in a Microbiology lab. While in the lab I extracted DNA from rat feces for research.


  1. Before my project, I was not interested in pursuing microbiological research as career. I wasn’t even interested in any kind of research. I was very nervous about working in a lab. However, by the end of my project I was surprised how comfortable and how much I enjoyed working. I was also provided with many researches that helped me academically. I could build relationships with professors and other students like me in the nutrition filed. This large network of resources allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and ask for help.

3.  First I was transformed by getting out of my comfort zone. As I mentioned above I was nervous about starting a research project. This was something I had never done before and I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. After I started working not only was I able to use knowledge I have gained from previous classes but I also learned so much more from the people I was working with. Because I enjoyed working on the project so much this semester I will now get out of my comfort zone more often.

This project also increased my confidence. Being able to accomplish such a difficult project showed me that I could succeed academically. I am much more confident with my school work and telling myself that I am smart enough to take a class or pass a test.

Finally, I was transformed with the way I view content covered in class. As I mentioned above, I used information I had earned previously in class to help me in the project. This showed me how valuable what I am learned is to my future career. Being able to apply that knowledge made me more excited to learn about nutrition.


  1. These transformations with help me in so many ways. First, they will help me as I finished my last year and a half of school. I will try more new things, be more confident in my school work and view my classes as a resource instead of something I must get through. Thinking further in life, it will help me in my future career. By trying new things, I will be more open to something I have never done before, I will be confident in my accomplishments during college and I will use my knowledge to solve problems as a dietitian.

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