Terry Kaiser Summer Research

Step Project Reflection: Internship/Research

This summer my STEP project was with Radiology Partners which is a 24/7 365 radiology practice based out of El Segundo California.  For the practice I worked with the clinical research team on an IVC filter retrieval best practice recommendation.  This project was very eye opening for my experiences at hospitals around the US.  Through the practice and STEP I was able to travel to Orlando, Tampa, New Orleans, Maryland, and Las Vegas.  At each of these different locations I was able to see how hospitals differed and as well as how doctors practiced at each of these places.  This helped me better understand what I want to do in the future as well as what I want to continue studying.  The individuals I met made a very large impact in my life because they showed me what type of person I want to be and how I want to impact others lives.  One thing that transformed me was giving my final presentation in front of the clinical team.  At first, I was so intimidated because I was surrounded by 40 doctors, researchers, and chief medical officers.  Slowly through my presentation I realized that they were all there to hear me speak so I was able to calm down a bit and after several of these individuals approached me to speak to me about my future.  They told me that they were very impressed with my research as well as what I am doing at Ohio State, this transformed me because at first I had always been a bit timid about my research and involvement but now that these important individuals were impressed I felt proud.

The first event that led to this transformation was my first convention in New Orleans.  Here I met some of my coworkers on the business team where we attended the Rural Hospital Association Conference.  While here I helped work at the booth where I spoke on what research I would be starting over the course of the summer.  This was my first transformational experience because I was the youngest individual at the convention and many other health care employees came up to me to speak to me about my involvement at the practice.  I was taken aback by the interest that others showed in my research at the practice.

The second transformational experience occurred in my first conference call with the board members of the clinical team.  The first thing that occurred in the call was the CEO introduced me and asked me to talk about myself to over 30 other doctors and influencers in the practice.  This was a great experience because everyone was so welcoming and excited to have me join the team.  To me this was very transformational because I was able to see how I want to treat others when I have an important position.  They immediately treated me as part of the team and everyone was very excited that I was going to take part in the research.

One of the other very influential moments that I had was when I attended the Fellows Summit in Las Vegas.  Here all soon to graduate fellows were able to listen to a speech from the CEO and founder of the practice and the he made sure to mention the research that I was starting over the summer.  This was very transformational for me because it demonstrated how important what I am doing really is.  It showed me that I am having an impact in the practice and in the lives of patients down the road.  This was so inspirational to me because I did not think what I was doing was that important as a student.  To me this was influential because I want to have an impact like this in someone’s life later on once I have the means to.

As I have stated throughout this essay the reason this was so inspirational to me and so significant was because I aspire to be able to influence kids like this someday.  To me it was amazing seeing the joy it brought in the CEO’s eyes when he spoke about how a student was researching this groundbreaking study.  I want to be able to give back to others when I have the means to make an influence in someone’s life just as they did for me.  When my project for the summer finished th ey asked me to come back next summer to continue my research in phase two.

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