STEP Reflection


In the past two weeks, I have made substantial progress on my STEP project.  First, I have successfully interviewed three engineering undergraduate students and gained their insights into how students perceive their intelligence and how they view themselves on the socioeconomic ladder.  More importantly, even with only three interviews finished I am starting to see patterns in how students from different socioeconomic classes view themselves.  To continue, I need to transcribe all the interviews exactly, which for a single hour-long interview can take anywhere from six to nine hours, depending on how quickly the subject speaks.  After these transcriptions are complete, I will use values coding to pull out important attitudes, values, and beliefs in the student and compare them to the other subjects.  In addition to my own project, I have continued to work on Dr. Dringenberg’s larger project involving how engineering undergrads perceive their intelligence.  I have coded multiple interviews done by colleagues at Kansas State University, and will continue to help in any way I can.

As I’ve conducted my project, I can see exactly which parts of the research process I like, and which ones I don’t.  Overall, I can start to see that going down a research path is likely what I will do after I end my undergraduate career.  I can easily see myself creating a thesis for my masters, and taking my skills to research for the private sector.




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