My name is Olamide Bola and I am senior in the economics department. My research focused on the effects of race/skintone on standard of living.

2. STEP gave me the opportunity to complete my own independent research project. Whilst I have completed independent research projects this was my first time completing one independently whilst using large datasets. For my project I collected data Census data from 1850-1920 and collected data that detailed the number of people that identified as Black and “Mulatto”. I then merged this data with contemporary data on median household income, per capita income and unemployment rate to capture the effect of race and skintone on income and unemployment.

I was able to deepen my data collecting and data analytic skills.

3. I went to the Association of Black Sociologists where I was able to observe academics presents as well as network. This was important as it gave me a chance to experience research that lied at the intersection of race and theory and utilized social science methodology that is relevant to the research I conduct. Additionally, I was able to tour New York University and visit faculty there. This was important as I intend on applying to two post-baccs at NYU.

4. This experience was important as it emboldened my decision to attend a PhD Economics program. Getting to work independently and build research skills was incredibly rewarding and these skills will be valuable post-undergrad. Finally, it was helpful to network with academics and see research presented. Ultimately I believe this experience was a great compliment to my undergraduate career.

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