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Jeremy Eid

Undergraduate Research



  1. Over the summer, I worked at Ohio State’s Department of Microbial Infection and Immunity and Orthopedics. Some of my responsibilities included isolating bacteria from infected artificial knee components and perfor
    ming cell counts and enumerating bacteria per component.
  2. Throughout my work in the lab, there was so much that I learned and my understanding of myself/my assumptions transformed greatly. I learned an immense amount of lab skills that will carry  ver to my time in medical school as well as my career. One of the most important transformations that occurred was my assumption of my medical school specialization. Before beginning my research, I had always wanted to go into cardiology. However, I am now considering orthopedics. I was so interested in the research I was doing in the lab that it transformed my views on orthopedics, and now I could potentially see myself being an orthopedic surgeon. Isolating and examining bacteria extracted from an artificial knee made me curious about orthopedics and I would love to continue research and potentially begin my career in this field in the future.
  3. There were many events, interactions, and relationships that occurred during my time in the lab that lead to the transformation described above. One of these relationships was with my principal investigator and lab manager. They were the people that I looked up to the most as they taught me the important lab skills that I used every day. They were very intelligent and cared so much about their research, I was able to tell how passionate they were about the work. They helped me understand anything that was confusing to me which allowed me to be passionate about the work as well as orthopedics. They are large part of the reason why I am considering this field for a medical career.Another relationship that lead to my transformation was working with other students in the lab. Majority of the time I spent in the lab I spent with other students working on projects with me. This taught me teamwork and leadership skills that will be helpful for me in medical school and my career. I was also able to talk to them about their educational experience as well as their future career plans. This was helpful to gain more knowledge and different perspectives on medical school and various specializations. One event that also lead to my transformation was performing all of the technical lab skills required for the lab. One example of this is, learning how to use an automatic pipet while transferring liquids. This was part of isolating the bacteria extracted from the infected artificial knee components. It will be very helpful in future research that I do throughout medical school. These skills that I learned confirmed by assumptions that I wanted to pursue medicine as a career but also transformed my specialization assumptions, as stated above.
  1. As stated above, the transformation that I gained from my experience with the Department of Microbial Infection and Immunity and Orthopedics was one that will definitely affect my future. It is significant because I am now considering orthopedics for a specialization for my career. It is also valuable to me because it allowed me to explore a field that I did not know much about before and helped me discover my interest in orthopedics. Choosing the right specialization is very important to me because I wanted to be interested in and passionate about my career so discovering my interest in orthopedics helped me with this goal.

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