STEP Reflection

I worked under Dr. Guatelli-Steinberg and Dr. John Hunter in Newark and Columbus on dental anthropology research. Under their guidance, I gained the experience of what a career in research might include.
While completing my STEP project, I realized the career path I was on was incorrect. I enjoyed the process of researching so much more than the many hundred hours I spent shadowing dentists.
What led to my change of heart cannot all be linked to my STEP project; however, it was during the time I spent completing it when it occurred. In combination with my dental school application, shadowing, working, and volunteering I made this realization. In all honesty, the sheer overwhelming amount of time that I spent organizing activities into my daily life made it very difficult for me to find the time to actually reflect on why I was doing the things I was doing. I questioned why I enjoyed my time spent researching when the time I spent shadowing should have been supreme as it was my ultimate career goal.
This change is very relevant to me because it has shaped my life path whether it be in the sense of career, family, and otherwise. Choosing to spend all of my time relative to the dreams I have is an incredibly important ideology that can be easily forgotten. Though dreams require a great deal of hard work, I don’t ever plan to find myself lost in the grunt work wandering why I am where I am.

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