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STEP Reflection                                                               Name: Alisha Keeton

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STEP Experience: Undergraduate Research


What? – During my STEP experience, I worked closely with two different colleges (The College of Education and Human Ecology and The College of Engineering).  The research involved engineering students going to a nearby middle school involved in the KIPP program and implementing activities that encourage the middle school students in the program to pursue engineering, when they reach the collegiate level.  My part in this research was to analyze the data (videos, in this case) captured from these sessions, in order to not only obtain future lesson plans, but also to determine what kind of an impact the activities were having on the students involved.  I also wanted to put a side note here, in regards to the videos and posting them on the dashboard – I am unfortunately unable to do so because of the privacy rights of the students involved.










So What? – My STEP experience was phenomenal and my research advisor helped me to learn many things about myself and where this type of work could take me.  I have learned not only how to just analyze data, but I have also gotten a behind the scenes look at what it is like to work as a professor at the collegiate level.  My work in this STEP experience has helped me grow professionally and has also helped in a project that is encouraging underprivileged students to make something of themselves and achieve their dreams.  Many of the middle school students in the program were blown away by the activities and by realizing that one day those activities that they enjoyed doing so much could actually be their job.













Now What? – My STEP experience has, and will continue to, affect my academic and personal life.  As much as I love being an education major, my experience really opened my eyes to the opportunities in the business world.  Now, although I have still not decided, STEP really gave me the opportunity to even question my major and I have actually taken all business courses this semester.  Luckily, I still have general education courses I need to take and will be filling those with education classes next semester, as it is my last semester before I absolutely need to make a decision on my major.  STEP has given me the opportunity to see what else is out there and really think hard about not only academic, but also personal decisions.




















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Ø Does not provide many details about what the student actually did for STEP Experience.


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Ø Is a short paragraph and does not show evidence that the student has a clear path forward as a result of the experience.  Does not provide any thoughts or ideas on what his/her next steps might be.


Ø Is difficult to read and has lots of typos and/or grammatical errors.


Ø Does not indicate any type of transformation for the students as a result of this experience in thought, ideas, understanding, or career path.