Alexandria Zacharias STEP Reflection


For my experience, I worked completed research as I worked with a Faculty member at The Ohio State University. While working with a Faculty member, at The Ohio State University, I was able to research different theories of child misbehavior. Over the years, many things have changed resulting in affecting a child’s behavior. For the purposes of the research paper completed, misbehavior was defined as bad behavior, such as disobeying parents, lacking respect, using foul language, and breaking rules. I spent time researching different influences on a child’s behavior over the summer and working with a faculty member to discuss my findings. I wrote a research paper on my findings on child misbehavior.

So What?

Throughout my research, I learned that there has been an increase in child misbehavior. This increase comes from a range of influences on the micro and macro level. While researching, I discovered that children who display a more aggressive behavior are more likely to have a future as an adult delinquency. Overall, the lack of parental guidance seems to be a huge influence on a child’s misbehavior, which leads to a child becoming an adult delinquent. In addition, I gained a lot of new knowledge from this summer research. I enjoyed working with a faculty member and having the opportunity to discover answers to any questions I may have had. My favorite part probably was researching a topic that related to my major and finding more reasons to love my major. This topic could also benefit me in the future either with my career or transition into a mother some day.

Now What?

This experience had a positive outlook on me personally. In the beginning, I was not too thrilled about research, but as I took on this topic I became more interested. The faculty member that I worked with encouraged me to explore more and think of ways this cold relate to my career. I furthered my knowledge with my career path and learned new information that can benefit me as a parent. I really enjoyed this research experience and I did not think I would like to take part in research originally. Additionally, with this experience I discovered more ways to develop within my major. I plan on attending graduate school and obtaining my Master’s degree. This experience amplified my excitement for working with children after learning more about the way they develop. Thus, I plan to specialize in pediatrics after obtaining my masters in nursing. Also, the opportunity to work with a faculty member really benefitted me as I gained new knowledge and helpful information for my major, graduate school process, and career goals.

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