Transforming in Australia and New Zealand

In May 2018, I, along with twenty other students were able to go on the trip of a lifetime. While road tripping through New Zealand and adventuring through Australia, I made twenty new best friends and had more fun than I thought possible.
This trip made me realize how insignificant you are in the world. Columbus is somewhat of a diverse city, but seems like an absolute bubble compared to the different cultures and types of people we encountered. One of the best things I noticed was how many people around us in Australia and New Zealand were traveling too. We met people from all over Asia, from the UK, and even from back home in the United States. As we get to know these people, we learned that some of them had been just traveling for months and years- no plans, no obligations. That was something I never even knew was possible. I began to question why I hadn’t planned to do that and why I just accepted the American Dream, where you get a job, house, family, and go on vacation once a year. Meeting and talking with people who chose a different path made me want to alter the path I’m on.
The thing that started it all was such an amazing experience each and everyday of the trip. There was not a moment where we weren’t witnessing something stunning, doing something adventurous, eating something delicious, or engaging with one another. This made me fall in love with traveling even more than I thought possible. As the trip progressed, I wanted and excuse to do this for the rest of my life.
New Zealand was incredibly gorgeous through every twist and turn of isolated highway. We saw the east coast and the west coast, the city and the most isolated regions, the sunshine and the blistering snow. Each incredible second was absolutely breathtaking. It was such a change from living in Columbus, with the noise and sometimes not so pretty views.
Australia was full of adrenaline pumping adventure. White water rafting, surfing, sky diving was terrifying and that is what made it so fun. It is a rare occurrence to be so far out of your comfort zone back at home, which makes doing it quite addicting. These experiences made me so open to doing whatever it takes to experience the feelings that I felt while overseas, thus making me so willing to alter my career path to make my dreams become reality.
This trip could have saved me from following a certain path that seemed culturally assigned to me. A 9-5 job is not something that would have provided me the ability to continuously travel or happiness. This small amount of time caused a change that was able to completely alter the next 30-40 years of my life which is mind blowing. It truly speaks on what a powerful and one of a kind this trip was.

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