STEP Reflection Post

Tricia Nagy

Leadership Experience

My STEP project entailed me taking a trip to California with a few of my other sorority sisters to our national conference. While there I went through leadership workshops and other workshops to help my grow as both a college student and a sister of my sorority.

While on my experience, my view of both myself and the world around me changed. My view on myself was altered as I met other sisters and was given the chance to be who I wanted to be while in a different state. I met so many people for the first time that I was able to choose what version of me they were going to see. My sisters have a saying to give the best version of yourself, and as a Columbus native, it is sometimes hard to change the perception of people who I have spent my entire life around, but in California I was able to be myself and people took that for what it was. I was able to give the best version of myself with no pre-conceived notions, and that allowed me to be a happier version of myself. I was able to connect with people from all over and was able to better learn how to be myself, and to even return home a better version of myself. As someone who cannot wait to leave the state after graduation, this trip allowed me to see how much else was out there, and even lead me to return to California later in the year to explore my options for after graduation.

This experience changed my view on the world around me as it showed me just how much more is out there. I was able to travel to the other side of the country and see a whole new lifestyle. I was able to connect with people from all over the United States and parts of Canada and it helped me to realize that there is more than just the small college town in Ohio where I have spent my entire life. It also made me realize that things could be much worse, and allowed me to step back and appreciate the life I live, no matter how bad I want to leave Ohio it is a place that has given me the opportunity to be able to leave and live a life that is pleasing to me once I leave. Overall this trip changed my view on myself and the world and gave me a reality check while also making me excited for my future.

As I discussed a little bit above, the new relationships, new atmosphere, and the overall event are what led me to these changes. The relationships I formed with sisters both new and old allowed me to experience life through different lenses and learn from them. I was able to hear how other chapters do things and that allowed me to come back and help my chapter to evolve into more. I was able to gain insight on what works and what doesn’t, and to also learn how people have used organization not only to help become a better college student but to transform into the working world. I was able to better appreciate my organization, as more than just a social aspect to my four years here at Ohio State, I was able to learn how to utilize it and become a better person overall due to these relationships.

The new atmosphere also allowed me to change as it allowed me to be myself and see a city so much greater than what Ohio has to offer me. It showed me new job opportunities, living opportunities, and the opportunity to live a life that is so different than the one I currently live. The atmosphere allowed me to be myself and pushed me to always show the best version of myself. It gave me an opportunity to experience business like situations and brought me closer with the members of my chapter in a way that changed our day to day interactions with one another.

The overall event led me to this change as it is what gave me the opportunity to grow. Being chose by my chapter to attend the conference was a dream come true and and opportunity that I will always be thankful for. I was able to go live a different life for a week and experience things that I had only dreamed of with some of the greatest people in my life. I was able to meet the executive board of my sorority and to grow not only as a member of my organization, but as a college student and as a person overall.

This change is important to my life because it gave me the drive to come back and be a better student, to live a more positive life and to enjoy everyday of my college experience. It gave me an outlook on life that has changed my day to day life, and my goals for my future. This trip changed my entire life and I have STEP and my sorority to thank for it. This was the opportunity of a lifetime and I got more out of it than I truly thought was possible. Because of my experience I am a better student, daughter, friend, and person.

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