Name: Allison Noonan

Type of Project: Leadership


My STEP project focused on developing leadership skills in conjunction with holding the position of Daily Operations Manager for Summer Conference Housing at The Ohio State University this summer. Using the funds I was able to improve my leadership and management skills.

I really enjoyed my time being employed by Summer Conference housing. During my three months of being a Daily Operations Manager, I have learned so much. Learning how to lead a staff of forty-five and maintain a professional environment was challenging but yet very rewarding. I have learned a great deal about how to handle complex situations, confronting a problem, and maintaining staff morale. Each day brought new changes and overall it was a very rewarding experience.

Although I had training that I had to do to work for Summer Conference Housing, I feel as though I learned more through the everyday experiences than through that training. After every situation that I handled I would always ask myself if there was a better way to handle that situations. If there were a better way I would implement it into the next time. I learned that sometimes things may not work out perfectly but if you take time to review everything that happen you can figure out what went wrong and change it for the next time.

With this experience, Summer Conference Housing has changed me through the experiences that happened and the wonderful co-workers that were there to help if need. From this I learned that you have to go with what you have and to be open for new experiences or change. Since this summer I have been looking into adding a minor. The minor would be in leadership.

I have been going back and forth about this because it would mean staying at Ohio State for an extra semester or taking summer classes. I have looked up the classes that I need to take for a minor. It would require a minimum of 15 credit hours. I will make the decision of adding a leadership minor over break when I will be able to talk to my parents about it.

The skills that I have learned will help with me future career in engineering. The leadership skill along with some others like working in a group and problem solving will be necessary for a career in engineering. When applying for internships this would be a huge help in showing the skills that I have learned over my years at Ohio State and my time working for Summer Conference Housing.

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