Great Commission Leadership Training

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Nora Ofei


In my experience   with Great Commissions Leadership Training, I learned how to be a servant leader through faith based interactions with my community and city. In Leadership Training, I engaged with this city through service and discovering different parts of the city.  I learned how to be more outspoken about my faith and thoughts.

Prior to this experience, I had trouble communicating with others, I have grown bolder in my communication skills. My ideas of a leader consisted of someone who tells everyone what to do and is rarely wrong. I learned a different form of leadership, servant leadership. Leading by putting others before myself, taking the time to understand those around me, their strengths weaknesses and personality quirks. I was taught how to resolve conflict with others.

Through large, medium, small group and one on one positive interactions, my communication skills have been bettered. In group settings I was challenged to share my personal experiences. Through sharing more personal information about myself, simpler conversations are now easier for me to engage in. My connection with people has improved my quality of life.

The biggest impact of Leadership Training, was learning about Jesus, his form of leadership and how I can live that out in my personal and professional life. I gained a deeper understanding of every person’s inherent worth, including my own. I also learned how to incorporate positivity into difficult, overwhelming tasks.

Reciprocally through many meals and activities together, I learned to engage in simple and in depth conversations with my peers. I’m thankful for this experience and my willingness to connect with my peers because I have gained deep friendships and bonds. When doing community engagement activities, I was challenged to start up a conversations with people I did not know.  Though I have been in Columbus for a few years, talking to people in this community has made this city more familiar to me because I have witnessed it through other’s experiences.

All the qualities I gained from this experience such as my improved communication skills have allowed me to work in group settings academically and professionally.  I am better equipped to form strong connections with people in different aspects of my life. My goal is to be a leader by providing an atmosphere of understanding between myself and my peers. In my professional aspirations my prayer is that I can use the tools that Leadership Training has given me to be a better team member, to understand the skills of my coworkers and people I manage. I want to be someone that people can trust.

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