Bryce Spees – STEP Leadership Reflection

Name: Bryce Spees

Type of Project: Leadership Project

The objective of my STEP Leadership project that I completed over the summer was to help the Council on Student Affairs (CSA) get an idea of how they are distributing their funding to various student organizations. I did this by organizing and analyzing data that was collected from the funding cycles of the previous three fiscal years.

Before completing this project, I had never faced a challenge that required me to work on my own project without very much assistance from a supervisor. I was not sure how I would handle having to work on a project like this by myself.  However, after working very hard and committing a great amount of time to this project, I defied my own expectations and was able to successfully accomplish my goal and give the CSA exactly what they were looking for.  My understanding of myself was transformed because I realized that if I pushed myself through a challenge, I can accomplish things far beyond my own expectations.

Many of the events that led to a personal transformation of myself came after difficulties that the requirements of the project presented to me. The challenges that I faced required me to push myself to complete the obstacles that confronted me.  The first challenge that I faced was determining the best way to organize the data that would give make analyzing the data easy for myself.

After organizing the data, my next challenge was to analyze the data to find trends that had occurred in the previous three fiscal cycles.  After working hard to complete this challenge, my next obstacle was to present the data to the Council on Student Affairs in a manner that was easy for them to understand.

A relationship that led to a personal transformation was my relationship with my supervisor, MacGregor Obergfell.  Before I began this project, MacGregor taught me the process that organizations go through to request funding from the university.  MacGregor was also provided me with very detailed expectations from the Council on Student Affairs.  MacGregor’s description of the expectations and his advice were crucial in my personal transformation.

This transformation has been very valuable in my life because I have applied it in many more areas of my life. I have worked much harder in school this past semester and I feel that my grades will reflect the extra effort that I have put in.  I have also applied working harder in my relationships with other people, whether it be as a son, brother, roommate, or co-worker.  I have found that putting more effort into relationships has led to more healthy relationships with people that are important to me.

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