Scholars DC

My leadership experience was to visit Washington, D.C. for two weeks to attend meetings with multiple entities that were of interest to me. The first week consisted of trips to government agencies, like the FBI Academy, CIA, NSA, and Voice of America/Broadcasting Board of Governors. During these visits,we met with leaders of each organization and learned a little more about their jobs–usually more than is shared with the typical public. The second week, I was able to meet with leaders in my career field of interest. I met with event planners from multiple organizations: the Vice President of Operations of the USO, the Deputy Director of Events of the Smithsonian, and the Director of Events of the Office of the President of Georgetown University.


I absolutely loved this trip. As a business student, I was weary of traveling to a city that was known mainly for its politics, afraid that I wouldn’t find anything for me there. After meeting with my individual appointments, I realized this wasn’t true, and that there are plenty of opportunities for non-politicos in Washington. Outside of career opportunities, D.C. is also a great place to explore, with all of the museums, universities, and even shops that you can visit in your downtime. After this experience, I’m excited to visit D.C. again, and would be more confident in myself to find my way around and to meet with other leaders in my career field.

Because of this trip, I was able to intern with Senator Rob Portman, and it has opened my eyes to other opportunities in event planning (and how it relates to my other fields of interest). In addition to this, I’ve added another specialization to my major so that I am better equipped for event planning. After traveling to Washington, D.C., I am more committed to becoming an event planner, and hope to one day return to Washington to do so.

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