NASM CPT Experience

STEP Reflection Name: Patrick Barton

STEP Experience: NASM Personal Training Certification


For my STEP experience, I decided that becoming a certified personal trainer would give me great chances to become a leader amongst my peers. With my STEP funds, I purchased a class with NASM to become a certified personal trainer. Although I have yet to take the exam, a local gym has hired me where I will be able to apply what I’ve learned by teaching fitness classes.

So What?

Over the time that I have spent studying for my NASM personal training certification, I have learned way more than just how to become a personal trainer. Probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned through my experience is how to relate my knowledge from other classes into this experience. I was able to apply the knowledge I have learned in anatomy, physiology, and physics in order to understand the actions of certain muscles as well as fulcrums for muscle movement.
I know that it will also give me the knowledge for future classes and life experiences. I know that for instance I will have to take a biomechanics course and I’m sure I will have many other opportunities to use what I’ve learned through this experience. I can’t wait to further my knowledge and experiences through my personal training certification.

Now What?

During my STEP experience, I was able to learn more about how and why the body moves the way it does. This is very important for my future because I need to use this information in order to become a great healthcare professional. Although in my short-term plan I intend on using this personal training certification to help me pay for tuition, I know that the information that I am learning will help me a lot with my future profession. In learning about the biomechanics of the major muscles through this program, I will be able to better understand rehabilitation and strengthening exercises for the patients I will treat.
For my future academic success, I know that I will need to take a biomechanics class for my major. My certification has given me a head start for that class because I have learned about the biomechanics of many of the muscles in the body. Using my knowledge from my personal training certification, I will be able to succeed in the classroom in the future.
Personally, my NASM personal training certification will give me a ton of help in paying for my tuition. For this summer, I was fortunate enough to get a job at a local community gym thanks in part to working towards getting this personal training certification. I can’t wait to begin working with them and using what I’ve learned through NASM in order to help the clients at the gym.
Also, the personal training certification will give me a great opportunity to build closer relationships with the coaches who I work with being an athletic trainer. It is important to know what your coaches are doing in order to build important professional relationships. I look forward to using the knowledge I learned through this experience in order to help build these relationships in the future.

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