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When trying to choose an endeavor to use as my STEP experience, I knew that I wanted to create an experience that would benefit me both personally, and professionally. The Scholars DC program fell into my lap, fully formed and perfect for my leadership experience through STEP. Through the DC program I would be given a chance to travel to Washington DC and meet professionals working in various industries in DC and make the kind of connections that could benefit me in my future career. Once accepted to the Scholars DC program, I participated in a semester long class as well as a two week trip to Washington DC. The class took place once a week during the spring semester leading up to the trip, and was a great way to get to know the people in the group and the expectations of the trip. During class time we discussed our interests in DC and were given the names of people working in these fields that we could reach out to to set up a meeting. In addition we researched other people we were interested in and reached out to make further networking connections in DC. When we arrived in DC our first week was full of group meetings scheduled for us by our trip leader Kevin. The second week we were free to meet with professionals whom we had contacted as well as to explore DC and all it had to offer.

My trip to DC was definitely a career changing experience for me. Before embarking on my DC trip, I was unsure as to where I wanted to head with my life, other than a slight inclination toward public service. After spending my two weeks in DC meeting all kinds of interesting and influential people, I had a very solid idea of what I wanted to pursue. I am now very excited to get involved in public service and government in my future, and I hope to eventually find myself in an influential position where I can affect real change in the lives of others.

After meeting with a woman who worked in the Public Policy department of the Girl Scouts, I know that my dream job would be to work as a lobbyist for a woman’s empowerment organization such as the Girl Scouts. I am now so excited to pursue these goals and have already made a significant start with my internship in the State House. Thanks to the connections I made while in DC I am excited about seeking a summer internship in Washington. If I hadn’t participated in this Scholars DC program, made possible for me by the STEP program, I certainly would not be headed so assuredly in the direction that I am today.



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