Supply Chain Internship at Baltimore Aircoil Company

STEP Post-Project Reflection

               My STEP signature project was a summer internship. I worked as a supply chain intern in Jessup Maryland for Baltimore Aircoil Company. For the internship, I worked on pricing for the upcoming fiscal year, explored company cell phone plans, and worked on freight data analyzation.

I think I transformed in multiple different ways throughout my STEP project. I learned how to be a professional as my project was the first internship I’ve had. I also learned how to be more organized and business etiquette in terms of scheduling meetings as well as emailing and calling people. In addition, I learned to network as well. Overall, the internship helped provide me more confidence moving forward as I pursue a professional career and was an experience I enjoyed greatly.

I was able to attend a meeting with my supply chain team and a team from a supplier company. We went through and did a quick improvement brainstorming session to help eliminate waste at the Baltimore Aircoil Company plant. We first went into the plant in groups, where we observed processes going on in the plant. Then we all came together to have an open discussion of ideas of how to eliminate waste. Finally, I learned how business relationships are so important to both companies, and that there can be more valuable aspects to a relationship between businesses outside of money.

Baltimore Aircoil Company, as part of the internship, has the interns set up meet and greets with the corporate leadership team at the corporate location. This was extremely helpful because it allowed me to ask them questions and what has gotten the success that they’ve been able to achieve over their career. I can now take their advice and apply it to my life to try to kickstart my career and achieve success.

Baltimore Aircoil Company also encourages a lot of collaboration across departments. I learned to reach out to people who weren’t in my apartment to help to find solutions to what I was working on. This helped to teach me the value of working with others, and that collaborating is more efficient than working on something alone. This also helped me to view and understand the business from multiple different angles to see how everything functions together to be a successful business as a whole.

This relates to my future plans of getting a job with a company after college. I learned what it was like to work at a company, specifically a corporate office. I learned what the atmosphere was like and the business etiquette that comes with having a job with a company. I also learned other key soft skills, such networking, communication, and collaboration. Overall, my summer internship was extremely helpful in developing and furthering my career aspirations and business skills.