Shop Supply Service Internship

For my STEP signature project, I interned at Shop Supply Service in Findlay, Ohio. My main responsibilities were lead generation, inside sales, and outside sales. I was also responsible for inventory and clerical work inside the office as well.

During the duration of my time at, Shop Supply Service, I observed many changes of myself that also transformed the way that I think about the world. Before my experiences at my internship took place, I was unaware how much I care about the mission and vision of a company. I was inspired by the companies work ethic and how they truly care about supporting the community that they are in. The small business takes pride in supporting other small businesses and creating a work environment that upholds those standards. I will take that lesson with me as a dive into my own career.

Shop Supply Service was started out of the owner’s bed of his truck. He had a few buckets full of nuts and bolts and traveled around the town in attempt to sell to local farmers. After his first day of defeat he went to a local produce stand to buy himself something for lunch. All that was in his pocket was 27 cents. Owner, Merle Hohman, told himself that day that he would never have so little to his name again. The drive and determination led him to soon own a large operation that is selling to hundreds of factories across Ohio. This story is what the company is reminded of daily.

As each employee goes out to make a sales pitch, they have the understanding that you have to work hard for what you want. They have great client relationships and have been serving the area proudly for many years. With the understanding of this vision, I was eager to work. I enjoyed the excitement that each employee had each day and how they encouraged one another and helped where they were needed. Whether it was making deliveries, meeting with clients, or completing paper work I was amazed by how much time they take to do things with excellence.

The relationship between all of the workers transformed my idea of a structured working environment. They were on a mission and were running a mile a minute, but they maintained such a great and professional attitude with one another. I was really inspired to work in a place where people were so kind each and every day. My perspective changed and I noticed myself being just as positive to be at the internship. The high expectations are something that I believe greatly impacted my experience.

I feel that the change in my perspective is so valuable to my professional goals because it is something that I hope to always keep in mind. I am so thankful that I was able to have the experiences that I did while working alongside some of the most knowledgeable professionals. Learning from others who have been in the work force for so many years was truly encouraging. All of the owners being Ohio State University graduates was also a factor that reminded me of what a great networking opportunity I have coming from such a highly regarded university. I feel as though I have been very fortunate to have learned so much in such a short amount of time. This experience shaped me personally, academically, and molded the expectations I have of myself in my professional life.

Sunrise at Shop Supply Service.

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