STEP Project Reflection

My STEP signature project was in the internship category, and it involved two separate internship positions over a seven-month span.  During the first part of the project I worked as a Teamcenter Manufacturing Engineering Co-Op for Emerson Climate Technologies in Sidney, Ohio.  For the second part of the project, I worked as a Process Engineering Intern for Arconic in Cleveland, Ohio.


One thing that changed about myself during this STEP signature project was my mindset.  Previous to my STEP project, I never really focused that much on always having and showing a positive mindset.  I think this left me more prone to getting caught in whirlwinds of negative thoughts or self-doubt.  However, now that I take more tangible actions to promote a positive mindset within myself, it has become easier to go through each day with enjoyment.

Another thing that changed about myself during the STEP project was my willingness and ability to establish a repeatable schedule during a 40-hour work week.  Prior to my STEP project, I had worked a couple 40-hour a week positions, and one thing I really struggled with was establishing a routine that would keep me energized throughout each day.  One reason I struggled with this was because I was reluctant to go to bed at the same time each night.  This idea changed in my head during my STEP project, because I started to establish a daily schedule, and I felt more energized throughout each day.  I am now able to see that establishing a schedule may not always be the most fun thing, but it does promote a healthy lifestyle.


The reason that I made a point to strive for a better mindset in my life was because of the way it advocated for happiness for myself and for others.  I learned that it made it easier for me to process my experiences with more optimism.  I also realized that most people prefer to be around someone with a positive outlook.  One way that I identified that I could try to achieve a more optimistic attitude was by getting a healthy amount of sleep.  This was far more attainable if I decided to establish a consistent schedule.  Establishing a schedule was a goal that not only would keep me more energized, but it also would make it easier to maintain a positive mentality.  In that way, achieving this goal was productive in multiple areas for myself.


A change to a more positive mindset is significant to my life, because it is always something that I can promote within myself to try to achieve a happier lifestyle.  Similarly, establishing a routine will also support a healthier lifestyle.  These are very relevant changes, because after graduating college, it is extremely likely that I will be working a full-time job for a very long time.  Coming into this STEP project, I was uneasy about the idea of working a 40-hour a week work schedule for 30+ years after I graduated college.  However, with these growths that I made during my STEP Project, it is now something I can look forward to with a sense of peace and optimism.




A picture of me at an Indians game with a few friends I met in Cleveland.


A picture of my mom and I when she came to visit me in Cleveland.


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  1. Sounds like you did learn some life long skills over the course of these internships. Glad that STEP could be a part of this. Thank you for sharing.

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