1. My STEP Signature Project was an internship with Copper Run Capital. Copper Run Capital is a boutique investment bank in Columbus, OH that provides buy and sell-side advisory services. My role included helping build target list and evaluate investment opportunities for their clients.
    2. During my experience, my understanding of myself and assumptions of the investment banking industry changed. The major transformation I underwent was understanding how to work in a corporate setting. I learned how to balance a variety of projects coming from different supervisors. I had to prioritize certain projects based on when they were needed by and their importance. In addition, I learned a lot of information and skills necessary in the industry. I also learned from a few employees that were in my shoes a few years ago on important things to take away from my time in college. They all stressed that the necessary skills and information could be taught on the job, so what was important was forming connections and building the necessary soft skills. The experience transformed me into a person that is able to effectively manage multiple tasks at once and navigate the investment banking industry.
    3. The best part of the internship was the size of the company. The company is small and only has roughly 10-12 employees. This was really valuable as it gave me insight to all of their roles and I was able to hear perspectives of newer employees up to the Partners. Interning in a small company was extremely valuable.

    The company had two other interns. Both of the other interns started in May, while I started in August. When I arrived, they already knew how to perform their tasks and be successful. Asking for their guidance when needed was important in getting myself up to speed and understanding the office dynamics. Working together on different tasks made it a lot more efficient and stressed importance of team work skills.

    The company had four analysts/associates. They were all essentially my direct supervisor. Whenever, their plate got full and needed help to complete some of their responsibilities they would reach out to me for help. Working on projects from different people, I had to learn each one’s different preferences and the correct way to do something for one person might not be the correct way for another. They also provided valuable career advice as they were in my shoes just a few years ago.

    The company had five VP/Partners. I was able to interact with them on a near daily basis. Seeing how their role compared to the analysts and associates was beneficial. Also, it was rewarding to see how some of the work I did made their life easier. Also, just having normal daily interaction with them showed me that even senior level executives are “normal” people.

    1. This experience was valuable to me as it gave me a step in the door in my ideal career. Not only is it an important resume builder, but it also confirmed my belief that working as an investment banker would be something I would enjoy. I enjoyed the work I was doing on and was impactful on businesses and people. I loved my internship and hopefully it will lead to a full-time position in the industry.

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