Eaton Corp. Internship

My Step project was an internship at Eaton Corporation in Beachwood, OH. Here, I was a finance and accounting intern for their electrical sector comprised of $13 Billion in yearly sales. I assumed many responsibilities including creating ad hoc reports in excel, conducting month end close, and running reports in their software.


During this project, I learned numerous life changing skills. I had always wanted to see how a fortune 500 company dealt with its financial reporting. This opportunity gave me first hand insight into how this is conducted.


In addition to this I was able to apply the skills I had learned in the classroom to real world applications that will significantly affect the company. To have such a great impact on such a large scale company, was truly life changing. I was given far more responsibility than just a regular intern. I was able to use this responsibility to use my expertise in the field.


In my experience here, I was using different financial reporting and accounting software. Though learning to use this software was originally a struggle. I was soon able to master it. After learning how to use this software to its fullest extent, I was able to do my best work for the company. Learning this software was transformational for my internship experience at Eaton.


Apart from the technical part of my role, I was surrounded by very helpful and intelligent individuals who truly cared about my growth. I was regularly given one on one training and feedback on my work, which allowed me to steadily improve.


This experience directly relates to my career goals and aspirations. This is because I would like to start working at Eaton full time upon graduation. This internship is the foundation to having a full time job there.


This internship was specifically transformational because it gave me real world insight into the Finance and Accounting of a large corporation. I was able to use this experience from my prior internship to obtain my next internship. Without STEP, I would not have had the opportunity to do so. The funding completely transformed my depth of experience from none to a truly enriching internship.

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