Humana Summer Internship

My STEP project was an internship with Humana in Louisville, KY. This internship was focused on mobile application development, which correlates to my major in Computer Science and Engineering.

During the 12-week internship, I learned a lot about myself, my interests, and corporations with technology. I got to explore multiple aspects of Computer Science while in Louisville, including mobile development, front-end work, back-end work, and creating APIs. I learned different tools during the summer as well. On top of this, I learned about corporate policies and processes. These are things that will help me in my career post-grad.

I made many relationships with people at Humana throughout the summer, which led to me learning a lot about myself and the corporate world. Mick Horton was the Vice President of the department I worked in and he taught me about the processes in Humana. I also worked on a team with 3 other interns, which taught me about how I work with different types of people. Each of the team members were from different backgrounds. I learned about different cultures throughout the United States through these people.

I also had multiple mentors throughout the summer, which helped me gain different perspectives. I learned about how to approach things when you’re out of college and how to make decisions on how to choose a place to work.

Throughout the summer, my team utilized the Scrumban software development methodology. We took turns being Scrum Master, allowing me to have a leadership role for parts of the summer. Because we used sprints throughout the summer to separate our work, I got to see different aspects of the project. I worked on the database using SQL. I worked on a RESTful API in C#. I worked on the front-end in Swift. I scheduled jobs in Linux using Cronjobs. This allowed me to discover what I enjoy within technology.

These transformations are valuable for me because they will help me decide where I want to work after college and what part of technology I want to work in. Without this experience, I would be clueless going into my career after I graduate.

Another goal of mine is continuous improvement. This summer really allowed me to improve who I am and what I stand for. It was my first experience living in a city where I knew almost no one. I learned how to work with people, which will stick with me for the rest of my life. These experiences can translate to any career throughout my life.