Columbus Clippers Internship

Kady Gies


For my STEP Signature Project, I completed an internship with the Columbus Clippers, starting in January and ending in September. During that time frame, I worked all 71 home games the team played as well as attending all special events held at the ballpark.  I assisted with ticket operations, marketing and promotions, ballpark operations and so much more.

Many may think, how could baseball change or transform your view on the world? In all honesty, I thought the same thing.  But surprising myself and many others, baseball can change your views.  It brings the entertainment industry as well as your own life into perspective.  Working within the Minor-League Baseball system really shows you the importance of family.  Family is important within the people you work with, just because they are your coworkers does not mean you can’t connect with them.   A family atmosphere between the employees of an organization is what makes that organization thrive outside of the office.  It also reemphasizes the importance of family in an entertainment sense.  Families are one of the Columbus Clippers biggest supporters and we consider how important it is to get their feedback as well as cater to their needs and wants.  The family atmosphere contributed to the solidification of what I want to do with my degree once I graduate as well, reassuring myself that I want to work within Live Experience and/or Community Impact.

Like I had previously mentioned in the paragraph above, the family atmosphere was a huge aspect of my internship with the Columbus Clippers. The relationships that built that connection was with various staff members within the organization, including the full-time staff members, other interns, or even the GM and President of the organization.  As an intern, you weren’t unimportant, your goals and aspirations were important and they wanted to learn about your story.

One of the activities that I took part in while at the Columbus Clippers was Family Fun Day, every Sunday home game.  Those were the days where families flooded the stadium, hoping to have an enjoyable day out, for the children and adults.  Like I had mentioned earlier, families are our biggest supports especially on Sundays.  To stay true to the organizations values we continue to make our atmosphere and experience family friendly, from the moment you purchase tickets to the moment you exit the ballpark.  This reiterates the importance of the family in baseball, especially in the Minor-League baseball system.

Lastly one opportunity the interns had was the opportunity to speak with our direct supervisors toward the end of the season.  We discussed our own future and what we hope to do after graduation, for those of us graduating within the next year.  We also spoke about our achievements from the time we spent with the organization, receiving genuine feedback about our work.  This goes back to the aspect of family, our supervisors, want us to succeed, voicing that they would do whatever was needed to help us in our future endeavors.

The transformation was valuable in a couple different ways. One of the most important pieces is that it solidified what I want to do after I graduate this December.  I 100% want to work within the baseball industry and work with the community development or live experience of an organization.  The last part was the willingness of my supervisors to go above and beyond, helping us succeed in our future endeavors, writing recommendation letters or using them as a reference, wanting us to succeed more than anyone else.