Columbus Internship Reflection

This past summer I worked as an International Business Advisory Intern for Nachurs Alpine Solutions. This position was in Marion, OH but I lived just off campus here in Columbus. In this position I conducted research and analysis on potential new markets for NAS using a variety of internal and external resources. I also pushed rail quotes and worked with closely third party logistics organizations to develop logistics solutions which concluded in making recommendations directly to senior management. Completing this internship over the summer was indeed a transformational experience for myself.

Over this summer in my internship I learned many things about myself and the world I lived in. These different learning experiences made me a better person and better prepared me for the remainder of my college career and life after graduation. I learned that it is more important to have good data and proper facts to make sound decisions and not just make decisions based on what you or a boss may think is the best call. This summer was the first time I had to grocery shop on my own, feed myself and clean my home, certainly a different situation than living in the dorms and being on a meal plan. While completing my STEP signature project over the summer I was exposed to many new situations and experiences, in and out of the office, that contributed to who I am right now.

As I went through my internship one of the more impactful things that I learned is that it is important to make decisions that are grounded in complete data and facts and consider many different variables and not just what you or a superior may think is the best choice. The basis of my job at Nachurs was to identify potential new international markets for them to to begin exporting to. When I began the position, management was very interested in exporting to one particular market but once I began collecting relevant information and data that particular market was not the best option. Presenting what management didn’t want to hear was difficult to do but was the best decision and management appreciated me making recommendations off what I actually interpreted to be the best option. From this experience I also learned how important it is to not make big and impactful decisions off of a whim.

The funds available to me via the STEP program made it possible for me to live outside of my family home and outside of the dorms giving me a new experience. Having to budget for groceries and other essentials put a new level of responsibility on me and gave me the chance to grow up a bit and take on new responsibilities for myself. My signature project was very much a real life (grown up) experience that better prepared me for after graduation and better prepared me to handle life during school and excel with a heavy workload. This summer internship and the experience of the summer was invaluable in developing myself and my character into being more responsible, mature and ready for the rest of my college career and life.

By having the opportunity to have a full time internship I had the chance to work in a position and office that could be similar to a position I could be applying for after graduation. In a broad view, the position that I held was mainly a desk job and involved much paperwork and research in a stationary location. As the summer progressed I found sitting at a desk and trapped inside to not be something I want to do for the rest of my life even though many jobs are going to involve lots of paperwork at a desk. Because I was spending my entire week inside, I ended up taking full advantage of my weekends and traveling to new places and experiences across the country or spending lots of time exploring Columbus. By having a full time desk job for the first time I quickly learned how valuable time is and how important it is to take advantage of my free time doing things that I enjoy or experiences that will benefit me.

The transformation that I went this summer during my STEP signature project was incredibly significant to my life. The experience that I gained on the job in my internship was invaluable and helped prepare me for a more challenging semester of classes and future employment opportunities. The experience of living away from home and out of the dorms developed me as a person and allowed me to learn more about myself. Completing the STEP signature project was a significant piece in helping me achieve my personal and professional goals and it also set me up to be better prepared to take on my future plans. The STEP experience has been an incredibly important part of my journey here at Ohio State and I am very thankful to be a part of it.