Worthington Industries Engineered Cabs Purchasing Internship

For my STEP Signature Project, I worked in the Engineered Cabs division of Worthington Industries as the Purchasing Intern. During my internship, I worked on two main projects. One was updating our SharePoint site and the other was creating a supplier capabilities database. Additionally, I learned the basic purchasing tasks that our Buyers and Commodity Managers perform each day.

Last summer, I was thankful to receive a last-minute internship offer from CMax Advisors, which is a small HR company located in German Village. I was assigned to the team that was contracted by Nationwide Insurance to manage employees’ assessments such as the 360, Personalysis, and Workplace Big 5. This summer, when I received my second internship offer, I was excited to see which of my skills I could expand upon, and what new skills I could learn. Thanks to Worthington Industries’ company culture, the tasks that I completed, and the activities that I participated in, I transformed into an employee who is confident in her abilities and ready to succeed in the workplace.

When I finished the interview for my position with the Engineered Cabs Director of Supply Chain, he handed me Worthington Industries’ company philosophy book, Our Golden Rule by Worthington Industries’ founder John H. McConnell. The book explains the perspective that people are the most important asset in the workplace and how this applies to the business world. When I started at the company, and I could see the ways in which the philosophy is used in the workplace, I was thankful that the company practices what its founder preaches.

One of the larger tasks that I worked on during my internship was re-creating some of our process documents. When I was being trained on some of the purchasing tasks, I found it hard to follow these documents. I wanted to create easier-to-follow versions of the documents explaining tasks such as how to add items to our ERP systems (Oracle and Fourth Shift), change prices of the items in both systems, and export the item forecasts. By creating these documents, I was able to get a deeper understanding of the tasks and be confident in my abilities to use the systems.

A nice addition to my internship was being able to enjoy some time outside of work with my coworkers. Our department had a softball team, and I was invited to play in it, even though I’m not great at sports. It was awesome that we all supported each other on the field and it was great to be able to carry those stronger relationships back to the office. Additionally, I was able to join Worthington Industries’ Pelotonia team and volunteer at the Opening Ceremony. I enjoyed the experience of being able to volunteer with my coworkers as part of a larger team supporting The James Cancer Hospital.

Overall, these experiences at my internship enabled me to be more confident because I was supported through great company values, a solid foundation in my daily tasks, and a teamwork driven environment. Because of my internship, I now feel that my skills and abilities will enable me to be successful in the workplace.