Marketing Internship in Chicago

This past summer, I used my STEP funds to finance living accommodations in Chicago. During that time, I worked as a marketing intern at RCN which is a cable, internet, and phone company.

My internship and time in Chicago were incredibly formative and transformational for both personal and professional reasons. Personally, I learned a lot about time management, organization, and just “adulting” in general. Because I was so busy with my first full time job, I got a taste of what it will be like in the real world. I had to learn about work/life balance for the first time and had a lot of fun doing it!

Professionally, I dove head first into the workforce with no prior experience in an office job. I learned so much about how offices operate as well as how the marketing industry operates as it related to my job position. I took a lot of initiative and went above and beyond my job description which allowed me to learn of my workplace capabilities.

The key aspects of the project that lead to my transformation were the fact that I was finally living in the city of my dreams, I did a phenomenal job at my first professional job, and I met so many incredible people. Being in Chicago was a great wake-up call and motivator to graduate next semester so that I can get a good job and move back there. There is something about being in the city that you know you want to live in forever that makes everyday life doable and fun.

At my internship, I took a lot of initiative and always completed my projects thoroughly and on time. I continuously impressed my supervisors and made sure I took any critiques positively and with great value. This was such a great time for me to do real marketing work for a large company and actually see the results. Specifically, I created a training program for the high school sales interns so that they would have some organized direction that’s they seemed to be lacking when I arrived. This was a great way for me to take on a leadership role within the company that wasn’t necessarily assigned to me.

Finally, in and out of the internship, I met some amazing people that have really helped me grow as a person. Many of my supervisors at RCN were able to provide some very valuable advice that has truly helped me develop as a professional. However socially, I met some people that are great friends and people who have really helped build my network. They have introduced me to the beauty of Chicago’s community and I am so grateful for this experience.

The changes I have experienced this past Summer can be applied to every aspect of my life. Academically, I can apply my marketing experience to my coursework to help me better understand concepts. Professionally, I now have a great network of people who are truly rooting for my success and have offered to help me through this journey.

As these changes relate to my future plans, I have already envisioned an incredibly successful and happy life in Chicago, and this Summer helped solidify that vision. I am so excited to finish my last year at Ohio State and move on to the professional world in Chicago!

Internship For a Non-Profit

1. My STEP project was an un-paid internship for the Non-profit organization called PolymerOhio. PolymerOhio is a manufacturing extension partner program funded by state and federal government. It is one of seven centers in Ohio designed to support small and medium size engineering and manufacturing companies, with the goal of job growth in Ohio. PolymerOhio is dedicated to connecting these small to mid-sized companies with the latest trends in technology, expertise and resources needed for business growth.

2. The opportunity to work in the internship with PolymerOhio gave me a glimpse into the working world. It allowed me to learn from Bruce Fawcett (Executive Director), Greg McMahon (Program director), and Virginie Donoghue Program Manager). In the intern role, I learned that I am a valuable source of information. I believe this has given me more confidence, knowing I communicate well, and I can contribute to a company. The internship has given me a chance to see my current education as a concrete stepping stone to my next level. From this particular internship, I have also learned of the importance of my field of study in the growth of the jobs in Ohio and the extent of the Ohio industry in regard to the US and world. Personally, this experience has shown me how important my education at Ohio State University can be in my goal to be a part of technological advancement that improves lives and preserves resources and environment locally, nationally, and worldwide.

3. My close interactions with Greg McMahon and Virginie Donoghue was invaluable. The relationships I developed with these knowledgeable and experienced engineers helped me to see my place in the field as a working individual capable of someday contributing to a company in a significant way. I also gained further insight into my ability to communicate well with others and get along well. This is natural to me, and the experience allowed me to really see its worth.

Having the opportunity to interact with LEAN SIX SIGMA, and training for a week with MEP network professionals, as well as meet Master Black Belt professionals, and learn directly from them was interesting and invaluable. It was an up-close experience with professionals and I could see myself as one of them someday soon. This experience also allowed me to see that I am comfortable communicating and sharing my ideas, even as an undergraduate intern.

On an in-depth tour of the Velvet Ice Cream Company, along with industry professionals from Licking County, I got to see how a local company has grown and developed along with the industry, and how it contributes to local jobs and beyond with its factory and state of the art distribution center.

My research projects not only furthered my knowledge, but also sparked my interest. I spent time researching the following: Bioplastics and analysis on the state of the industry, Cobots (Collaborative robots) and their roles in small to mid-sized companies, Cybersecurity and Cryptology.

I learned through my research and my time as an intern with PolymerOhio how important my choice to study at Ohio State University has been. Ohio is one of the largest polymer industry cluster in America and is the number one producer of both plastic and rubber products contributing greater that 50 billion into Ohio’s Gross Domestic Product and greater than 81,000 skilled employees in Ohio polymer work force (8% of all US jobs). Ohio is a leader in the worldwide industry, as well, with seven Fortune Global 500 companies. Ohio’s industry is forecasted to see increased investments leading to increased dollars and jobs.

4. My internship with PolymerOhio was significant and transformational for both my personal goals and for my future professional goals. I got to meet mentors at PolymerOhio who supported my learning of the work environment and my chosen field of study. Having a few mentors in my chosen field is something I haven’t been lucky to have until now. I value them and hope to continue to learn from them. Interactions
with several other local and regional professionals throughout this internship gave me confidence and allowed me to see myself as a future contributing engineer. I’ve learned Ohio has many opportunities to grow and develop my professional goals and also serve as a springboard to where I’d like to be ultimately. This internship has been a significant experience because it has helped me articulate what I’d like to strive to become and I’m excited about that. As a Humanitarian Engineering Scholar, our advisor was my first mentor and I had a chance to be around others with similar approach to life and work. I hope to continue that outlook and combined with my Material Science Engineering degree find a job that also aligns with my personal values.