Summer in Londontown

Name: Marisa Dzwonczyk

Type of Project: Internship



  1. My STEP Signature Project was participation in the Fisher Global Internship Program in London, England. I traveled there with 40-50 other students and we all lived together for the summer in student housing. For my internship, I worked full-time at a small startup as a digital marketing assistant.
  2. I learned a great deal in the duration of my STEP Signature Project, most significantly about myself and my career interests. My personal growth was achieved through my time with the other Ohio State interns in the program as well as the countless people I met while in London. The nature of my growth was the confidence I gained from being with a group of strangers and being able to thrive. This social accomplishment was especially important to me because I was anxious before departing for my project that I would struggle to make friends on the trip.


My second most important area of growth achieved through my STEP Signature Project was skill-related. My work as a digital marketing assistant was extremely fulfilling and gave me the freedom to learn while making my own creative choices. I was tasked with managing social media and making digital marketing campaigns, all of which I was able to make nearly every creative decision about. I taught myself a lot of skills on Photoshop and produced content for the company I was genuinely proud of.


  1. As noted before, I was anxious about the social aspect of the trip, as I am often shy around people I don’t know and worried I would struggle to make friends on the trip–which was a crucial aspect of being abroad. I made the decision early on to force myself to spend time with people in the group and display a genuine interest in the people I was with. I got to know and share meaningful experiences with many people on my trip and maintain their friendships still.


I also made several friends who lived in London, which made my STEP experience even more special. While in London for my program internship, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to also work a week-long internship at Diane von Furstenberg. This internship was also fantastic as I was able to work at a big designer brand I have always admired. I spent a lot of time with the other interns, who were from an array of European countries and in London for school. While it was invaluable to have formed the friendships I did with other OSU interns, I have to say that the friendships I was able to form with people from around the world were the most significant.


Working at a startup company ended up being fantastic for my internship experience. Since the company was so small (4 total people including me) and new, there was no set direction on how anything was supposed to be done. For my position, this allowed for me to spend a lot of time creating any kind of content I wanted. Throughout the summer I wrote articles, made Instagram and Facebook posts, and created marketing lead generation campaigns.


  1. My personal growth is extremely important for the rest of my life because I gained confidence and social skills I did not have before. I learned through the program how to engage more effectively with others and make more personal connections through kindness and genuine interest. Personal confidence and social skills are important at any age, but especially as I am approaching the time in my life where I will soon be out of school and forced to make new friends in a new place.


My professional growth is enormously important because I have gained the skills and experience to make myself a more qualified candidate for full-time positions. I know that I want to work in fashion content, and being able to work as a digital marketing assistant confirmed this. I now have a more focused and clear view of what I want to do as a career.

Two of my articles:


Modafirma Holiday lead generation campaign image

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