Internship in Dr. Guerau’s Research Lab

Name: Claudia Edell

Type of Project: Internship


I spent my summer working in Dr. Guerau’s clinical immunology research lab where I worked on my own project studying the effects of a PRMT5 knockout on the severity of an animal model of multiple sclerosis, called experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE). I worked with the mice as well as conducted many experiments in the laboratory to obtain data that I will use to defend my undergraduate research thesis in the Spring.


My career goals changed entirely during my summer internship in Dr. Guerau’s lab. I learned a lot about myself and what I hope to accomplish throughout my life. My goal since I was in 9th grade was to attend medical school after graduation to be able to practice medicine. However, my time in this lab has shown me how much passion I have for research and how this career better suits me and will still allow me to accomplish everything I want to in my life. Being given this much responsibility in my lab has opened my eyes to how much I can get out of a career in a research lab. I learned the meaning of hard work and dedication, as research projects require a different level of dedication. While all career paths are hard in their own way, if you slack off for just one day, your whole project can fall apart. It was hard at times and there are some very long days in lab, but seeing positive end results is one of the best feelings in the whole world. Seeing my project come together has given me more happiness than I ever could have imagined, and I have witnessed so much personal growth since the beginning of the summer. Even though I am also in the lab during the school year, I was able to be there more full time in the summer and really dive in to my project, which I do not fully get to do during the school year due to having more responsibilities with classes and other student organization involvements. I learned what makes me happy and I learned where I want my career to take me, which was a very valuable lesson as I head in to my senior year and am beginning my graduate school application process.


The people in my lab definitely positively impacted my research experience and all acted as mentors in different ways. Dr. Guerau is the best mentor I have ever worked with and she is always willing to help her students. She has provided me with many opportunities to succeed and always offers advice on how to improve my project and how to succeed. I feel very grateful for her help and without her guidance, I do not think I would have enjoyed this experience as much. Along with Dr. Guerau, the graduate students in my lab have also been great mentors for me. They always help me when needed and offer great insight on the amount of work it takes to pursue a PhD in this field and have been great support systems as I am preparing for the application process. I have been able to rely on theme for guidance and help with many different things and have formed close relationships with them throughout the summer. Lastly, having other undergraduates in the lab has also made this experience much more enjoyable. It is very nice to have people your own age to relate to struggles and experiences that other people in the lab are not currently experiencing. The other undergraduates have become friends outside of the lab as well, and it has been very nice to form these out of lab connections to have friends who understand the work needed to succeed in this field.


Along with the people, I was exposed a wide variety of lab techniques that will better prepare me for graduate school and beyond. I was able to run my own ELISA assays, flow cytometry assays and T cell isolation experiments. I was able to start learning western blotting as well. I also got a lot of independence with mouse room work and was responsible for most of the scoring for certain experiments, which helped me learn how much time and responsibility mouse room work required. Mouse room work also required coming in on weekends, which was an adjustment to most internships I have had in the past, but it was a great learning experience. Getting to do all of these tests and experiments was very beneficial to my learning and really made me fall in love with the work I was doing. Without this wide exposure to multiple types of experiments I could do and without the trust of my superiors, I would have had the same feeling toward this work.


Dr. Guerau really promotes lab bonding and has provided many opportunities for us to get to know each other outside of a work setting. We had lab meetings each week where we would present data, but we also would get food, like pizza, and be able to talk to each other about things that were not lab related. We also had lab picnics and lunches on some weekends to form relationships with one another. One thing that our lab definitely bonded over was our love for food, and it was a very enjoyable experience to get to form these friendships. It made work more fun when you knew everyone as more of a friend and less as someone you just worked with.


Before joining this lab, I was convinced that research was never something I would be interested in. I thought it would be boring to be stuck in a lab all day and only got in to it to improve my medical school applications. I truly did not expect to love it as much as I do and am so thankful for this opportunity to figure out exactly what I want to do with my life and what is going to make me happy and feel accomplished. I am eager to continue my work in this lab during the school year and continue my path with wherever I go to graduate school. I am much more excited for my future since I have found something that I genuinely want to do and have much more passion for the work I am doing. It is a huge weight off of my shoulders to know that I have found what I love and am on the right path for a very happy and fulfilling future.

Worthington Industries Engineered Cabs Purchasing Internship

For my STEP Signature Project, I worked in the Engineered Cabs division of Worthington Industries as the Purchasing Intern. During my internship, I worked on two main projects. One was updating our SharePoint site and the other was creating a supplier capabilities database. Additionally, I learned the basic purchasing tasks that our Buyers and Commodity Managers perform each day.

Last summer, I was thankful to receive a last-minute internship offer from CMax Advisors, which is a small HR company located in German Village. I was assigned to the team that was contracted by Nationwide Insurance to manage employees’ assessments such as the 360, Personalysis, and Workplace Big 5. This summer, when I received my second internship offer, I was excited to see which of my skills I could expand upon, and what new skills I could learn. Thanks to Worthington Industries’ company culture, the tasks that I completed, and the activities that I participated in, I transformed into an employee who is confident in her abilities and ready to succeed in the workplace.

When I finished the interview for my position with the Engineered Cabs Director of Supply Chain, he handed me Worthington Industries’ company philosophy book, Our Golden Rule by Worthington Industries’ founder John H. McConnell. The book explains the perspective that people are the most important asset in the workplace and how this applies to the business world. When I started at the company, and I could see the ways in which the philosophy is used in the workplace, I was thankful that the company practices what its founder preaches.

One of the larger tasks that I worked on during my internship was re-creating some of our process documents. When I was being trained on some of the purchasing tasks, I found it hard to follow these documents. I wanted to create easier-to-follow versions of the documents explaining tasks such as how to add items to our ERP systems (Oracle and Fourth Shift), change prices of the items in both systems, and export the item forecasts. By creating these documents, I was able to get a deeper understanding of the tasks and be confident in my abilities to use the systems.

A nice addition to my internship was being able to enjoy some time outside of work with my coworkers. Our department had a softball team, and I was invited to play in it, even though I’m not great at sports. It was awesome that we all supported each other on the field and it was great to be able to carry those stronger relationships back to the office. Additionally, I was able to join Worthington Industries’ Pelotonia team and volunteer at the Opening Ceremony. I enjoyed the experience of being able to volunteer with my coworkers as part of a larger team supporting The James Cancer Hospital.

Overall, these experiences at my internship enabled me to be more confident because I was supported through great company values, a solid foundation in my daily tasks, and a teamwork driven environment. Because of my internship, I now feel that my skills and abilities will enable me to be successful in the workplace.

Internship at Progressive

Name: Zach Allegretti

Type of Project: Internship

For my STEP project, I completed an internship at Progressive Insurance. I worked on the company’s mobile platform to deliver production quality code for their Android application. My main project was to research Kotlin, the newest language that is fully supported for Android development, and report on its potential effectiveness to the managers of the mobile team. I also collaborated with other interns to build a business facing Alexa skill.

Before I started my internship, I was suffering from imposter syndrome. Even though I had two Android applications of my own on the Google Play store, a stellar academic record, and several semesters of TA experience, I had little confidence in my ability to actually translate my skills into industry quality code. This internship changed all of that. I realized that being able to write perfect code isn’t what makes you a valuable asset to the team. After all, even the best developers make mistakes. What actually matters is having strong problem-solving skills, a desire to learn, and the ability to work with a team. The actual code is just a byproduct of these attributes. I demonstrated these abilities wonderfully during my internship, so I had little to no trouble helping my team.

The transformation that I experienced during my internship was a result of the high level of independence I had. I was not given someone that would hold my hand through every challenge that I encountered. It was expected that I would solve most of my problems by myself. Of course, if I was absolutely stuck on something I could ask my mentor or someone else on the team, but I was not treated differently. Nobody would drop everything they were doing to help me just because I was an intern. I frequently found that I had to rely on my own skills to get past roadblocks or other challenging problems. My level of independence was amplified by the fact that very few of my teammates were familiar with Kotlin or the work I was doing. My project was considered to be significantly experimental. I actually found this to be very beneficial because I was able to significantly enhance my debugging skills.

Another example of independence is the collaboration project I worked on. All of the interns were broken into teams to work on side projects that utilize budding technology such as virtual intelligence, software containers, and virtual assistants. The team I was on was tasked with building an Alexa skill capable of querying business reports from a server. This project was cool because even though we were interns, we were given complete control of the project. At the end of the summer, we presented our project at the intern expo.

I really began to see that I was capable of working in the industry when I spent two weeks on a delivery team helping to create the newest features for the Android app. I was able to take on story cards and finish them with little to no instruction. During my last couple of days, I decided to challenge myself and take on a 5 point story card by myself even though the primary Android developers on my team were out of the office. A 5 point card is considered to be a lot of work, but I was eager for a challenge. I actually managed to complete most of the development work for the card before I left.

I got a lot of feedback over the course of my internship. The vast majority of it was all very positive. Everyone on the platform that I worked with, including my mentor, managers, and the domain architect was impressed with the work that I did over the summer. In the end, my performance evaluation reflected this feedback.  My manager was thrilled to offer me a full-time position on Progressive’s mobile team. Getting a job offer was one of the goals of my project. At this point, I realized that if I had this much success as an intern, then nothing was stopping me from being successful as a full-time employee.

The immediate benefit of my transformation is that now I can head into my senior year at Ohio State with a guaranteed job at a Fortune 500 company after I graduate, which removes a significant amount of pressure from me as I enter the fall semester. The long-term benefit is that I not only know that I have what it takes to keep on a corporate software development team, but that I can thrive in such an environment. I no longer have the mindset that I am “just looking for a company that will take me”. Now I have the confidence to put myself out there and reach for the best jobs in tech.

I also gained several key skills during my internship that will make me a more valuable asset to a team. I am now very familiar with Kotlin, which is one of the most popular new programming languages. I was also able to gain real-world experience with more industry standard tools such as Git, TFS, and SourceTree. I will likely use these tools on a daily basis when I start working full-time, so having experience with them is extremely valuable. Overall I have become a better software developer as a result of my internship.

My Humid and Humbling Summer in DC

For my STEP Signature Project, I interned at CQ Roll Call in Washington, DC, and took Ohio State classes through the John Glenn College’s Washington Academic Internship Program (WAIP). The internship in which I took part allowed me to learn the ins and outs of project management, research, and production.

Being a Public Affairs major, a lot of my classmates end goals are to end up somewhere in the DMV area working in DC. Before this program I was unsure if DC was appealing to me, but I knew that it was interesting place and that I would learn a lot from whatever I chose to do. DC is different than any city I have ever been to. Something is always happening. The coffee shops close early, but everyone works late. I always thought that I liked being busy and having a ton of work to do, but this program changed my outlook on how I want to live my life.

In WAIP, you participate in a Monday seminar class, attend one policy salon on professional development a week, and represent the Glenn College on study tours hosted by OSU alumni now living in DC on Fridays. All of the events we attended were beneficial and allowed me to reflect on myself and my attitudes while learning and listening from professionals who had once been in my shoes. Yet, I found my self drowning in the time we spent fighting for business cards and networking with people whom I will probably never see again. I realized that maybe DC is not the place for me post graduation and that’s okay. I am glad WAIP brought me to that conclusion.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the amazing opportunities WAIP gave me and the people who guided me to this life decision. When I got to DC, it seemed like it was the only place I could make a difference and that I had to be in DC to see change. And at that point, I was not really feeling the whole DC vibe. Then, our cohort had breakfast with Greg Schultz, former Vice President Biden’s Senior Advisor. Mr. Schultz was from Ohio and attended The Ohio State University. He was not like other “DC Creatures” I had encountered in the mere three weeks I had been in DC. Until Mr. Schultz talked to us, it was all “you have to network to get a job… blah blah blah.” But then Mr. Schultz said something that I know I will hold on to forever. He said, “you do not have to be in DC to change the world.” I felt like he knew what I was going through and that he was speaking just to me. It was at that moment I knew I was on my own journey and I was in control.

I found a mentor in one of my supervisors at work. The Senior Research Director worked closely with me on a project revolving around the 50 states and our state project marketing. Steve seemed to take a real interest in my success which made a world of difference for my internship. Everyone at CQ had a lot going on, so everyone usually worked individually. I thrive on collaboration and interacting, so this was something to which I had to adjust. Steve encouraged me to put my own ideas forward, and always fielded the many questions I had. I am so thankful for Steve because he guided me on my internship journey and saw the best qualities in me and allowed me to shine.

Finally, I met with someone who worked for DC City Government. He went through some of the projects he had worked on and I could see the enthusiasm he had for the work that he was doing. I wanted that. One of the things that really stood out to me was that he was describing the impact his projects were having on the community. He could see the change that he was making. This interaction really made me passionate about the change that local government could make. Ultimately, it led me to apply for an internship in Columbus, and I am now working for the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department!

My experience in DC really allowed me to check in with myself. Although I was so busy and constantly doing things, I was still able to find time to reflect on my experience. I know now that I want to stay in Columbus for a few more years and make an impact on the local level (and save money). I think someday I will move back to DC and explore all the opportunities within our nation’s capital, but I think for now I need a bit more time to figure out what my passion is and how I want to pursue it.

Pictures Below:

Left: The Capitol! I live super close to the Capitol and walked by the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress almost everyday!

Right: Me posing in front of the White House. We took a tour and it was super close to my office!

Summer Internship in New York City

My STEP Signature Project was an Investment Banking Summer Internship with Macquarie Capital in which I worked in the Aerospace, Defense and Government Services Division. In this division my group was mainly responsible for Merger and Acquisition as well as the backing of Leveraged Buyout transactions. The main activities of my internship consisted of company research, presentation creation and financial modeling. I had incredible exposure to very high level individuals within the various companies that we worked with and gained a very solid understanding of the industry as well as its major players.

Working in this role really helped me to understand what working in finance in New York City is like. The environment was like nothing I had ever seen before. There was constant energy and absolutely always something going on. At first this was incredibly stressful however I quickly grew to love the excitement and energy. It felt like I was constantly a part of major business moves and was given access to confidential information. It was exhilarating to be given this much responsibility and respect as someone at such a young age. I quickly learned that New York is without a doubt where I want to start my career. From the day I moved in, there was not a single dull day living in New York City.

My summer was full of transformative experiences which led me to the conclusion above and led me to decide that investment banking is the career that I want to follow. The internship started with a week of training. I will never forget walking into that room for the first time as one of the only students from what was not viewed as a “target” institution. However, I quickly learned that I was prepared for what lay ahead, Ohio State did an excellent job preparing me for this role and I realized that there was no reason to be intimidated by anyone regardless of what school they came from.

I then spent my week training, towards the end I began to feel very confident in my abilities. I went into the weekend feeling very good. The next Monday I officially hit the desk and felt a bit overwhelmed, I was nervous to make mistakes and I wanted to make sure that everything that I did was of the highest quality possible.

The first three weeks on the desk were all about learning the ropes and understanding what was going on day to day in the Investment Bank and within my group. Once that period was over I started to feel like I was gaining confidence in my skills and my work product improved significantly. At this point I was actually completing legitimate work and I began to feel like an asset to the team, a great feeling.

As the summer began to wrap up, I realized that I had become very close with my coworkers and really was starting to love working for this company, it began to feel like everything was working out. I was given a full time offer and will be returning next July as an Investment Banking Analyst in the Aerospace, Defense and Government Services group.

This was the best summer of my life and I feel as if it was a very significant milestone. All of my hard work finally paid off. I was in my dream job, in my dream city. I feel as if this internship and then full time offer was so much more than a ten week stint at a company, it was the culmination of hundreds of networking calls and emails, sleepless nights, and a tireless dedication to make it into investment banking from the first day I walked onto Ohio States Campus.

This is the beginning of my career, the place that I will get my start. This will put me on a trajectory that will influence every major decision that I make for the rest of my life. While I am sad to be leaving Ohio I could not be more excited to take on this next chapter. I am beyond thankful for Ohio State and STEP for assisting in making this dream a reality.

My Time at the Eurasia Foundation and in the Washington Academic Internship Program!

This summer I participated in the Washington Academic Internship Program through the John Glenn College of Public Affairs. Through this program, I got my internship at the Eurasia Foundation, I was able to meet distinguished alumni who have deep connections and accomplished careers in D.C. I spent my weeks interning full time at my internship and then taking a seminar class in the evening with various meetings throughout the week with alumni and speakers. On Friday, we would take study tours to various departments and organizations in the city.

A lot of my understandings and biases coming into Washington D.C. were wiped away throughout the summer. I came in thinking D.C. would be this cut throat, mean, and fast paced city but it really was not like that. It was hectic but thats the nature of a large city but I found that so many of the locals were extremely friendly and helpful. Something my cohort and myself were always surprised about was how nice people were to us. If we were lost or had a question people around us were willing to help us.

What changed within me is my understanding of my place in the world and what I want to do. Being in D.C. really made me want to graduate school already and get there ASAP and get started on doing something. Whether it be working at the highest or lowest level of government, I knew that I wanted to get my degree and start doing something meaningful in the world. I was always so adamant about wanting to go to law school after graduating but now I am not sure. I am at peace with being confused about my future because I know whatever choice I make I will be happy. I would love to go to school but I would also want to jump right into the work force and build my career and future.

I think that my change and transformation came as a snowball throughout the summer. There wasn’t an aha moment when I realized that I might not want to go to law school and that I want to go straight into the D.C. workforce. We met with a lot of interesting and accomplished people who worked in the defense industry, the White House, for Sen. Glenn, and for the Pentagon. I met some former staffers of Sen. John Glenn and they’re stories about how amazing and selfless he was really touched my heart. I realized how important the jobs of Hill staffers are and how amazing a career on the Hill can be.

Another meeting I had that was awesome was with a former staffer to Pres. Obama and VP Biden. He told us his life and career story and it was really inspiring because we both had very similar backgrounds. I was really interested in the work he did and he told us about how his original life plan did not happen and his life in politics was a bit unexpected. He still is passionate about his original career plan, education, but he is still committed to his current work. This inspired me because I know that even if things do not turn out the way I want them to, that life will still be fine and I can have a successful career.

The final thing that was really impactful for me was meeting former Vice President Joe Biden. Our cohort was so lucky to be able to meet VP Biden at the Excellence in Public Service Award in D.C. He came and spoke to our group one on one and told us how he is relying on us, being the future of the world, to fix the mistakes and problems of the previous generation. During his award speech, he made us all stand up and commended us for being the future of politics and how it is up to us to do the right thing. It was an emotional moment for all of us. It was a call to action for us. I felt really compelled at that point to just get involved in politics and work on the issues I am passionate. This is where I thought, “Maybe I don’t have to go to law school. Should I ever go?”

This experience was pinnacle to my life, especially in my professional life. Being able to get out there in the real world and learn and work gave me so much knowledge and understanding that I would have never gotten in the real world. I learned so much about potential careers. I always thought my major, Political Science, was useless and that I had to go to law school if I ever wanted to get a job or be successful. Now, I know that is not true. I know that I can have an amazing career without a law degree if I wanted. I learned that I don’t have to go to law school if I don’t want. I am still not sure whether I want to go to law school but I know that whatever choice I make, I will have knowledge and connections that will allow me to succeed.

KidSMILES Pediatric Dental Clinic Internship

1. This past year I had the opportunity to intern at KidSMILES Pediatric Dental Clinic. KidSMILES is a non-profit hybrid dental clinic located in Columbus, OH that uses their team of dental professionals and volunteers to provide quality dental care to low-income families. During my time at KidSMILES, I was able to assist with sterilization and instrument set up, work with patient charts and Soft Dent Software, greet and interact with patients, teach with children and their families about dental hygiene through the education outreach program, and many more miscellaneous tasks.

2.The at KidSMILES is to ensure that every vulnerable smile in central Ohio has a healthy smile, and their education outreach program is one of the ways they strive to reach this goal. During the year, as part of the education outreach program, I had the opportunity to travel to different community events, elementary schools, libraries, and lunch clubs to teach children and their families about the importance of dental hygiene, provide every child with a dental hygiene kit, and inform those without access to proper care about our non-profit dental clinic. Through this experience, my eyes were opened to the amount of children without access to proper dental care and lack of dental hygiene education here in Central Ohio. My world view was changed as I became more aware of the serious need for dental care so close to home. It became more important than ever for me to reach these children and their parents to teach them about the importance of dental health and share with them information about our non-profit dental clinic.

3. Every clinic day and education outreach visit played a role in my world view transformation. Every week, I spent a lot of time talking to parents and children that had little education on dental hygiene and did not have the resources to attend a dentist regularly. It was not uncommon for me to talk to children who had never been to the dentist or desperately needed dental treatment but were unable to afford the high costs of restoration of without proper dental insurance. Because of this, I knew my role was important and that every interaction I had played a crucial part in ensuring the health and well-being of the children I was teaching.

This role carried into my time working at the clinic as many of the patients that walked through our doors were attending the dentist for the first time. First visits are often filled with nerves and anticipation and it was so important that comfort and patience were offered to each and every patient. In order to do this, I was able to greet and talk with the patients and their families as they entered the clinic. In addition, I read books and played dental education games with the children while they were waiting for their appointment to begin.

Both my time at education outreach visits and in the clinic were so important to me that I often forgot the impact my time and attention had on the children and parents I was serving. The families I worked with the past year have been some of the most kind and appreciative people I have ever met. They were always interested and attentive to what I was teaching them and beyond grateful to be sent home with a simple dental hygiene kit. Their gratitude has played a major part in my own thankfulness for the blessings in my life and further developed my passion for dentistry and serving others.

4.My time spent interacting with local families has dramatically shaped my life and who I want to be as a dentist. As a dentist, I want to be a promoter of health and an advocate for the people in my community through sincere, personalized care and service to those less fortunate. This experience has driven my motivation to participate in regular service within my community and provide comprehensive dental care to those who are unable to afford regular treatment as a dental professional.



Summer Global Internship

STEP Reflection

Sean Newport

My STEP Signature Project was the Summer Global Internship Program through the Fisher College of Business and was based in London, England. Over 8 weeks in summer, I worked for a Public Relations and Communications Agency as an Account Executive intern, focusing on the Energy, Oil and Gas sectors.

The biggest impact that this project had on the understanding of myself was the boost of self-trust in my thought processes and my abilities. One of my biggest stressors is having a large number of unknowns in my life and I knew this program would leave many uncertainties lingering. When I set off on my 8-week adventure, the fear nearly got to me to the point where I was unsure if I wanted to proceed even onto my flight to London. Thankfully, I calmed myself down and looked forward to what I knew would be two months of fun, adventure and memories in a new country. After landing and getting acquainted in our tiny, yet cozy, accommodations, I quickly gained a massive level of comfort by sharing a common feeling of uncertainty with several other Ohio State students.

Over the next 8 weeks, my comfort and confidence levels began to flourish. I became self-aware of my abilities at work as I was challenged in new ways in a field I had zero experience in. I began to understand other cultures in a way that I never had the opportunity to before, going beyond the “tacky tourist sites” and getting to go to local restaurants with co-workers, meet locals at the park and explore the roads less traveled by non-residents. The opportunities helped me see the world as a much smaller place, with an overwhelming overlap of cultural similarities when I was under the impression of massive cultural differences. The world began to become a much less scary place and rather an openness for the chance to learn and experience.

This project made a profound impact on my life because it helped me gain invaluable self-confidence both in my professional and personal lives. There was a very high level of responsibility with this opportunity, starting with successfully navigating international travel. I had never lived in a major city where public transportation was the only way to cheaply and quickly get around. This led me to learn how the bus and Underground systems worked and planning the most optimal routes to limit my time in unairconditioned vehicles and get to work in the shortest possible time. After successfully navigating 45 minutes in the morning to work then daily responsibilities of producing high-quality work in a quick turnaround time fell upon me. I had never worked in public relations before, so I was quite hesitant of what the job would look like. Originally, I was disappointed I didn’t get placed in a marketing agency, but as I began to learn more about the field, I saw more similarities than I expected.

When I began the internship, I had an irrational fear of talking to people on the phone. I always did my best to avoid the need to call someone, opting for written communication over forms like email. After receiving the required task of calling journalists not only just in the United Kingdom, but all over the world, I began to find a natural rhythm and flow to making each call and successfully pitching the story I was given. Working with individuals from cultures across the globe was one of the biggest challenges I had ever faced in my life. Each call required a different set of knowledge and understanding of the culture and how and when to effectively communicate with the journalists.

Outside of the 9-5, I had the opportunity to do weekend travel to other countries including Belgium and Germany. At first, these trips were all excitement, but I quickly discovered how little I knew about any aspect of the other countries or cultures. On a personal level, I learned a lot about myself in understanding how to navigate these foreign countries, especially in ones where English is not the main language. The experiences outside of London forced me to understand how to simplify verbal communication to express my message so that I could even achieve basic needs like eating, drinking and navigation. These challenges also led to moments of confusion, laughter and relationship building as many times it almost turned into a game of charades, but both sides are mostly confused.

The Global Internship Program allowed me to gain experience in fields that I had not had the opportunity to work in yet, helping me focus in on the path I want to pursue in my future career. Not only will the experience help me while in college applying to future jobs, but also in the long run as it will allow me to gain knowledge in fields like the Energy, Oil and Gas sectors that I may not be in at the time but give me an advantage over my colleagues having global experience and familiarity. I was personally challenged for 8 weeks as my program took me to places that I have never been, surrounded by people I am not that familiar with, allowing me to quickly mingle with others to connect and hopefully form strong relationships. This learning experience was beneficial to me because learning how to work with others is essential for life and your career because most times you are placed in a group where all of the members come from different walks of life and won’t always think or believe in things the same way which can easily lead to conflict.

In the future, I want to work for a company that has international opportunities for their employees because the thought of living and working in another country has always appealed to me. This opportunity opened my eyes in so many ways, taught me endless lessons and ultimately left me with memories I will never forget. Living abroad was always a dream and I’m so grateful that I got to make it a reality, even if it was just for 8 weeks. I now have my eyes set on getting back to good ole’ London Town to be able to truly make my mark for a few years before moving back to the states.

STEP Signature Project

  1. This past summer, I spent my time in Columbus as a finance intern for Mettler Toledo in Polaris. My role as an intern included a two week rotation between the Financial Share Services department and the Group Finance department over the course of eleven weeks. Over those weeks, I worked full time for the company.


  1. Having this internship experience gave me a better understanding of myself as a young professional. Along with growing in my knowledge of the corporate world of finance, I also established lifelong professional relationships as well as friendships. During this internship, I learned that I am more flexible and resilient than I ever thought I could be with some of the projects and situations that I dealt with. I had the chance to demonstrate this strength numerous times throughout this summer.

My assumptions about the corporate world were a bit skewed before going into this job. At my last internship it seemed as if everything was “smooth sailing” at the company. This was not the case with Mettler Toledo. There were many times when my team members and managers had to take on the work of other team members and be resilient to possible changes that were not expected due to the unfortunate circumstances of some of their employees. With this being said, seeing the resilience of my team members reminded me that not everything is always going to go the exact way it was supposed to. It taught me that you always have to be willing to roll with the punches even if it’s in corporate finance.


  1. When I mentioned the unfortunate circumstances earlier, I was referring to the passing away of one of the employees that worked on the Shared Services team. It came unexpectedly and put the department at a huge loss. It also did not come a great time for the company considering we were at month end in June and quarter close was just around the corner. At the beginning of my internship my manager and I had discussed a plan of what some of the projects that I would be taking on would look like. This plan took a back seat to the urgent duties at hand that used to be completed by the employee who passed away.

Throughout the course of the summer, I took on tasks such as applying cash, clearing check requests, and preparing and sending out invoices to customers. All of these continuous duties were things that I took on due to the circumstances. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to work on the other projects that my boss and I had discussed because of this.

With this happening all of a sudden, I was able to show how much of a flexible and resilient professional I could be. I had tasks that needed to be done in a short time span with short notice and had to be ready at any time for new tasks that they were not aware of until people requesting them for month end and quarter close. In the end, I am grateful I had the opportunity to work for the company during this chaotic time. It was an experience that gave me a greater life lesson and helped me to develop professional characteristics to carry with me throughout the rest of my career.

The relationships that I had developed over this time definitely helped me to show these qualities throughout my time with Mettler. All of my team mates and my manager were always willing to answer any questions I had and always checked in to make sure I was doing okay. I truly do not think I would have discovered these qualities within myself if it were not for them and I am so thankful I was able to work with amazing team members this summer.


4. As I mentioned earlier, being flexible is a life lesson. You never know what life is going to through your way whether it’s something that relates to school, work, or your personal life. This is something I will be able to carry with my throughout all aspects of my life and will hopefully be able to keep up with throughout my professional career. I am so grateful I had the chance to spend my summer working for Mettler and I hope I will be able to use some of the knowledge I gained throughout my senior year at Ohio State.

Eden Burger Internship

Over the summer I used my STEP funds in order to stay in Columbus and intern for a restaurant called Eden Burger, a vegan burger joint. My internship had two components: recipe development and marketing. As the restaurant underwent a month of renovations to its menu, operations, and physical space, I was responsible for changing our recipes in order to make them cheaper but retaining a certain level of quality as well as all of the marketing efforts; email marketing, social media, and website upkeep.

The three months I spent interning at Eden Burger were incredibly transformative for me in terms of my ideal career path, my understanding of consumer-business relations, my passion for small business and my understanding of operations within a business. I feel as though I have significantly matured in my ability to operate effectively and efficiently within a business environment and know that my experience at Eden Burger will contribute greatly to my success in the future.

My internship gave me real-world, practical experience within my Food Business Management major and confirmed my hopes of being involved in the food industry post-graduation. I now have a steadfast and confident motivation to work in the food marketing or restaurant business in the future – a motivation that will sustain me through my last three semesters at Ohio State. I found myself incredibly passionate about developing recipes for a business that I so greatly care about in order to provide delicious yet sustainable food to customers who are mindful about the food they eat.

Being responsible for all of Eden Burger’s marketing efforts, under supervision of the CEO, was an undertaking that I was quite excited about and one that proved to be harder than I anticipated. I learned a lot about social media marketing as well as effective email marketing strategies, mostly through trial-and-error efforts. However, one of the biggest takeaways from the marketing aspect of my internship was how consumers and businesses interact through social media channels. I have concluded that consumers feel very entitled and think that businesses must cater to their own personal needs and wants in every aspect of the business model. When we got rid of some of our signature burgers to reduce production costs, consumers took it personally and left ridiculous Facebook reviews and Instagram comments that expressed their feelings of personal offense and frustration that they could no longer purchase a food item from us. The constant negative feedback that we received during our renovation was discouraging, but has also made me more mindful about how I treat businesses and how I expect them to operate.

I have always been passionate about small business and entrepreneurship and was even involved in Ohio State’s ICE Scholars Program; Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship. Eden Burger was founded by 3 entrepreneurs; one was an OSU grad and two dropped out to pursue business ideas. My internship was probably the best experience I have had in terms of first-hand learning, as I was involved in the ground floor of a restaurant start-up. I had effective and informative mentors who truly cared about my success in the business and provided my numerous opportunities to take up more responsibility and fulfill my longings to contribute to the business. I also learned a lot about how they make business decisions and how one can make smart decisions in any aspect of life. My relationships with my superiors greatly increased my passion for small business and knowledge of small business operations.

The knowledge and experience that I have taken away from this internship will not only affect my last couple of semesters at Ohio State, but also my career and future after I graduate. The internship helped me confirm my ideas that I will enjoy and be successful in the food industry and that I hope to start my own food-related business in the future. I believe that my experience at Eden Burger has been one of the most transformative three months of my life and an experience that I will cherish forever.