STEP Project Reflection

Internship at Cole Trucking


I had the opportunity this summer to intern with Cole Trucking which was the focus of my STEP project. Cole Trucking is located in Alvada, Ohio and is a private owned trucking company that hauls heavy wiring to corporations such as Menards and Lowes. My main objective this summer while interning with Cole Trucking was to manage the routes for the employees and handle the payroll. It was a great challenge that kept me on my toes the entire time. I was in charge of the scheduling of the employees and other various task as the summer progressed and I became more comfortable with the business operations.


This internship really helped me close the deal on Logistics Management being my focus for study as I close out my time here at Ohio State. I had never worked in a logistics setting job before, and this allowed me to really appreciate what I had learned in my classes leading up to this internship and allowed me to branch out with more knowledge from the internship that I will take with me for the future. This STEP project was a great opportunity for me to close my options and ideas on what kind of career I want in the future.


While working at Cole Trucking there was some events where I felt very pressured to assure a set schedule for the drivers. Going into this internship, I assumed the hardest part of the position was going to be the payroll. The payroll ended up being rather simple and enjoyable for me where as the schedule became very challenging. The driver’s hours ranged from 2am to 4pm, and the needed for steel and wiring would vary each week depending on what the location needed. It was hard to find a pattern on ordering and delivering that would work for the employees and the store locations. One of the biggest challenges faced while working on the scheduling was the new logging system that was implanted halfway through the summer in our trucks. The electronic log system requires the drivers to take a break from driving after so many hours or miles whichever reached the limit first. This caused for many breaks during the driver’s day that caused less loadings and more frequent trips. I am thrilled that I was able to work through that challenge, but at times it became very stressful.


Cole Trucking is owned by one man Deryk Cole who owns 6 trucks and has 5 employees who haul wire. A majority of the days I was in the office alone answering phone calls and meeting scheduling and payroll deadlines. However, some of my days were spent driving to nearby towns and cities to recruit for job positions that were available in the company and to recruit new store locations for deliveries of wire. It was interesting to go out of the office and meet with people for different reasons at locations I was not familiar with. That really pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me realize that a sales position would not be an ideal career for me. I was glad that I was able to experience a position that was outside of the office, so that my options of future careers were narrowed down.


Overall, it was a wonderful opportunity that I am thankful STEP allowed me to pursue. I learned so many valuable traits and gained so much more knowledge for the logistics side of business. I was able to create valuable relationships with many career opportunity people and was even offered a job from after graduation. It was a wonderful opportunity that I was glad to take part in. The company treated me like family, and even on late nights allowed me to be comfortable with no shoes on in the office! It really was a wonderful experience.

Mackenzie Stover

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  1. Thank you for sharing your unique internship opportunity. Glad that this position confirmed the type of work you would like to do after graduation.

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